Victor Consunji Shares How VCDC Makes You Live Life Like No Other - Luxe Living

VCDC doesn’t just build houses. Instead, they help build better lives

It’s always an exciting adventure when you’re in the process of creating your own home. Just imagining the final look in your mind or through a mood board is already an invigorating experience. What makes the journey even better is when you’re being guided by wise and creative professionals along the way to ensure that not only does your dream home come to life, but that your way of living is prioritized throughout the entire process as well. Believing that a resident’s lifestyle should never be put aside, Victor Consunji, founder of VCDC or Victor Consunji Development Corp., promises that his construction firm elevates your quality of life through their quality homes.

Located in Calamba, Laguna, Vie at Southern Plains by VCDC presents villas that have modular architectural designs with white-wall aspects and wide, breathable, and functional spaces.

Client-first mindset

When asked what VCDC’s core vision was, Consunji shared, “The homes we build have a profound impact on the lives of our clients, their immediate families, and their future generations. Our core vision is to bridge the present and future through our homes.” Having this mindset is how the founder himself is steering his firm towards becoming a company that continues to create homes that don’t just begin and end with the look and feel of it. He guarantees clients that, whether his team builds a house in the city or suburbs, their quality of life will garner a well-deserved upgrade.

VCDC does this by immediately incorporating the client’s specific needs and overall lifestyle upon conceptualization because they also believe that residents should never feel the need to adjust their lives to their new home in any way. Consunji added, “Any project is ultimately futile if the residents are made to adapt to the project needs. Quality of life is all about space, usability, functionality, livability, adaptability, and ultimately, the ability to stand the test of time.”

Unforeseen turn of events

It’s undeniable that the pandemic has tremendously created a shift in everyone’s daily activities. Living in lockdown for almost two years now made the Engineering graduate share how one of the things the situation has highlighted is that “the home is your one, only, and most important sanctuary.” From leaving for school or work in the morning to being at home almost every hour of the day, this change made all homeowners realize how essential it is to utilize every space available for school, work, and play.

A worry-free lifestyle

No matter the location, whether locally or internationally, the mission of Victor Consunji Development Corp. remains the same—to build life, not just houses.

Consunji shared, “We aim to build our developments where we can balance lifestyle with convenience.” One of these is Metropolitan Residences, or M Residences for short, as it presents an inspired collection of meticulously designed urban homes built in strategic locations, which ultimately provides residents a more balanced sense of living. Through his and VCDC’s vision, clients won’t have to worry about price, distance, space, and quality while enjoying a more elevated lifestyle.

For more information on how Victor Consunji and VCDC can enhance your way of living, visit VCDC’s website.


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