Inside The Homes Of Bretman Rock, Troye Sivan, And More

These internet breakthrough sensations have opened their doors to give us a peek into their homes.

The 2010s brought about the rise of the internet celebrity, people who found fame and fortune by creating content online. The growth of social media allowed individuals to cultivate their own following by reaching out to a global audience.

Many have found their own niche in the online world, from daily vlogging and comedy to music and acting. At this point in their careers, these three personalities have developed their own style as seen in the design of the homes they bought for themselves.

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Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan gained popularity as a singer on YouTube and on Australian talent shows. In 2012, he also began posting video blogs which earned him more and more followers. These days, he’s a certified pop star with multiple hits and awards. He’s also been acting since he was a teenager, while in his most recent role, he played Xander in HBO’s The Idol.

Troye Sivan in his Melbourne home
Image via Instagram @troyesivan

In 2021, he showed Architectural Digest around his Melbourne home. In collaboration with designer David Flack, the interior appears unpretentious yet expertly decorated. The living spaces are filled with soft lighting, lots of comfortable seating, and eccentric art pieces.

In 1874, the structure was built to be a handball court before it was turned into a brick factory. Later in 1970, architect John Mockridge transformed the property into a residence while preserving some of its Victorian-era origins. Today, Sivan becomes a part of the home’s history

Troye Sivan's dining area

“My wish for everyone is that your space is like the place that you think of when you meditate. By using lamps, or candles, or just your favorite bed sheets. I want that for everyone because it’s a really, really nice feeling to just have a place that’s yours,” Sivan shared. To help with that, he also launched his own lifestyle brand TSU LANGE YOR to elevate everyone’s sanctuary.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain got her start on YouTube in 2016 during the end of her sophomore year in high school. Her content focused on her daily life, consisting of cooking videos, fashion hauls, car vlogs, and more. She was also known for her niche and comedic editing style which has since been replicated by many other content creators.

Emma Chamberlain's Los Angeles home
Image via Instagram @emmachamberlain

Now she’s had several fashion and business ventures, including her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee. She’s also an ambassador for multiple brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Lancôme.

AD took a tour of her Los Angeles home last year, which was designed in collaboration with Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman of Proem Studio. The house encapsulates Chamberlain’s laid-back personality. “I find inspiration for the home everywhere, the same as fashion. It’s all one in my mind,” she said.

Image via Instagram @emmachamberlain

Built in the ‘50s, the home has a “woodsy, cabin in Lake Tahoe feel” in the middle of LA. Brimming with natural light, Chamberlain has filled her home with her father’s paintings, quirky knick knacks from Etsy, and an eclectic mixture of materials.

Bretman Rock

Known for his vibrant and humorous personality, Bretman Rock rose to fame when his videos started going viral in 2015. From makeup tutorials to his own reality TV show, he’s been recognized by publications such as Time, Forbes, and Variety. 

Bretman Rock's colorful Hawaiian home
Image via Instagram @bretmanrock

In 2021, he was the first openly gay man featured on the cover of Playboy and just this year, he was the star of Vogue Philippineswell-received Pride Month issue. Beyond his viral videos and quickfire quips, he also embraces his spirituality, femininity, and complexity.

Now based in Hawaii, the Filipino-American influencer lives in a three-story mansion situated between the mountains and the sea. With the help of interior design firm MCYIA, Rock has filled his home with colorful, unique decor. According to him, his home is a reflection of his “gay Asian immigrant success” fantasy come to life.

Bretman Rock's living room
Image via YouTube @Archdigest

Rock combines the best of both his worlds by furnishing his home with Filipino and Hawaiian pieces. His love for his family, especially his niece Cleo, is also evident in the mementos he keeps. 

“My favorite part about living in Hawaii is just the energy of living here,” Rock shared. “It’s just such a magical state. I feel like I really could not see myself thriving anywhere else around the world. It will forever be my home.”

Banner image via Instagram @bretmanrock.

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