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Hailey welcomes smoothie queen Gwyneth Paltrow to her hilarious series ‘Who’s in my bathroom?’

Here’s another funny episode of Who’s in my Bathroom? with guest Gwyneth Paltrow. It was an unexpected conversation of mint chocolate chip smoothies, skincare rituals, nepotism, and an outlandish aromatherapy challenge!

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“Wow, this is quite the bathroom,” Paltrow said as walked into the newly refurnished bathroom while Bieber welcomed her with excitement. Paltrow took the lead with the smoothie segment, guiding Bieber through the recipe, ingredient by ingredient which included protein powder, dates, chocolate chips, bananas, vanilla hemp milk, and a sprig of mint. Delighted, both agreed with a toast that their smoothie concoctions tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream, with Paltrow declaring: “From now on I’m only making smoothies in your bathroom!” The show followed both ladies sharing skincare rituals and their fave products from both Paltrow’s goop and Bieber’s newly launched Rhode. The finale was definitely the aromatherapy challenge with both trying to out-guess each other as they held mystery items for each other to whiff while blindfolded. Watch the full video above–you’re in for some laughs.

In an Instagram post, Hailey has this to share about her new skincare line: “We are a line of curated skincare essentials made with thoughtful intention. Our formulas nourish your skin barrier to instantly give you dewy, delicious skin while improving its look and feel over time. We spent years working on our formulas with our skin board of dermatologists and chemists to make sure that every Rhode product restores, protects, and nurtures your skin. Our formulas only use high-performance ingredients at efficacious levels. each one is purposeful, non-sensitizing, and chosen for its efficacy because a happy skin barrier is a glowy skin barrier. Formulated for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types, we are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and we’re available fragrance-free. all our products are under $30.”

Here’s the premiere episode of Who’s in my Bathroom with guest and best friend Kendall Jenner as they cook mac and cheese and play Never Have I Ever.

Banner photo from YouTube.

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