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Shopping from the brand’s global self-care brands can now give you perks.

In the realm of beauty, some of us may have come out of the pandemic as experts in our own rights—from knowing what sunscreen feels lightweight amid the Philippines’ humidity to the best lip masks to wear overnight. After all, we didn’t have our trusted aestheticians to rely on for a while there. 

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The Collective’s founders Dominique Cojuanco and Michael Hearn.

So for beauty enthusiasts, the routine restocks of products will include their tried and tested must-haves and maybe some bottles of new formulas to explore. A one-stop online boutique where you may find your needs is The Collective. 

Global options

According to The Collective’s co-founder Dominique Cojuangco, the brand “creates a space that is fully inclusive.” Beyond skin products, they offer hair care, accessories, lip care, period items, and men’s grooming tools from 13 different brands. 

The global labels include UK’s Faace, South Korea’s Even prime, France’s Avene, Japan’s Anessa, vegan skincare Alder New York, and the Philippines’ biodegradable period care products Nala.

The Collective’s 2022 brand roster includes brands from South Korea to the UK and the Philippines to France.

Although The Collective houses a wealth of options, Cojuangco shares that heavy research takes into each brand. Even if a product can offer good results, its ingredients, origins, and principles are also considered. 

Everyone’s invited

“We believe that when you make your purchase, you are not just buying the product but inadvertently buying into a brand’s values, too,” Cojuangco told Lifestyle Asia

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“Healthy skin means perfect skin,” emphasizes The Collective co-founder Dominique Cojuangco.

Through their rewards program, Club Collective, every purchase of P50 grants you 1 point. 

You can reach Gold, the third and top-tier of the program, by shopping worth P30,000 within a year. Every 500 to 2,000 points earn you free shipping, while other membership perks include exclusive access to giveaways, events, raffles, and a complimentary beauty tool per year.

The Club Collective membership perks include exclusive access to giveaways, events, raffles, and a complimentary beauty tool per year.

However, don’t feel discouraged that your skin isn’t smooth and “glass-like” 100 percent of the time, even when investing in a good routine. “Healthy skin means perfect skin,” emphasizes Cojuangco. The co-founder wants people to know that “Real skin has texture, marks, and won’t always be at its best.” 

Instead of thriving for “flawlessness,” focus on maintaining an active lifestyle, eating right, and discovering the products that nourish you. 

Images courtesy of The Collective.

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