Well-Trained: Sushi Bar Kadence Is the Latest Filipino-Owned Restaurant That’s Earned a Michelin Star in America - Dine

Its owners graduated from the University of Florida, then trained in Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and London.

Kadence, Filipino-owned sushi, and sake bar in Orlando, just received a Michelin star, a sought-after award in the culinary industry. 

Helmed by Mark V. Berdin, his wife Jennifer Bañagale, and Lordfer Lolicon, the trio joined the growing list of Filipino-Americans receiving the recognition. 

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Last month, chef Michael Collantes of Florida’s Soseki Modern Omakase was awarded. And in April, husband and wife Tim Flores and Genie Kwon bagged a star for Kasama, a Filipino restaurant in Chicago. 

Kadence offers a multi-course chef’s tasting menu, conceived two years after Kappo—a sushi stand the trio owned. All the owners are University of Florida alum who, after graduating, trained in New York and then London in now-fellow Michelin-starred restaurants. 

In fact, living in the cities played a role in Kandnce’s conception. “So, when we came down here [in Florida], we just [wanted] to implement the same training we have gotten from [New York and London] to do what Kadence is going to be,” Berdin told ABS-CBN

He added that Kappo was their first introduction to the Orlando restaurant scene.

Revamping classics

Berdin has Japanese cuisine training, while Bañagale specializes in pastries. At the same time, Lolicon is trained in French and Italian cuisine. In addition, the chefs are all certified advanced sake professionals. 

According to the Michelin Guide, Kadence’s offerings are “free-spirited,” however, they manage to honor “classic methods.” 

Highlighted in the guide’s review, “Rudderfish is dressed with tosazu gel; akagai exudes great flavor, and poached monkfish liver with dashi gelée is a balanced bite.” In addition, “Shirako, in a gently warmed broth and finished with Burgundian truffle, is both bold and intriguing.”

Since 1900, Michelin, a French tire company, has been publishing guides to foster a culture of eating out. With their recommendations, diners are directed to outstanding restaurants of all cuisines globally. 

Banner photo from @kadenceorlando on Instagram.

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