What The Affluent Look For In A Partner

Research shows that millionaires take bigger risks, are extroverted, receptive to novel experiences, thorough and diligent, and less susceptible to anxiety.

In an article released by Forbes, they gathered information about attracting the affluent. The tips are based on a study that assessed the different personality traits of self-made and inherited millionaires in Germany. The study says that millionaires take bigger risks, are extroverted, receptive to novel experiences, thorough and diligent, and less susceptible to anxiety. 

Moreover, Forbes took the data from the study further by consulting the CEO of Seeking.com, a luxury dating site. Brandon Wade, the aforementioned CEO, analyzed the data from profiles of ultra-rich individuals—answering the question, “What are wealthy people looking for in a partner?”

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Stay Healthy

Health is wealth is a saying that rich people take seriously. The wealthy are attracted to potential partners who have an active lifestyle and a strong passion for self-care. Looking like you have your life figured out is a plus. 

Stay Healthy
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Same Wavelength

For the uber-rich, being on the same page with them is important. “Ultra-wealthy singles, more so than most, value deep emotional connections and seek genuine and trustworthy partners,” Wade explained. It was said that the rich rarely look for casual flings and short-term relationships. 

Same Wavelength
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A Meaningful Connection

Aside from physical attractiveness, the wealthy are attracted to those who are well-educated. “A partnership is about more than looks—it’s about finding that connection, one that you trust and one that nurtures both of your minds,” Wade said. Nurturing your mind is an attractive trait for the rich.

Nurturing your mind is an attractive trait
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Globetrotter Lifestyle

Wealthy people are always traveling. And they want partners who can share their love for travel. Furthermore, they are not afraid to enter long-distance relationships since they have the means to go wherever their heart takes them. 

Globetrotter Lifestyle
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Established and Accomplished

Well-accomplished people attract rich people. Also, they see romantic relationships as strategic investments as well. “The very wealthy are looking at their investment in relationships and their dating lives with the same scrutiny as they’re looking at their businesses,” Wade elaborates. 

Established and Accomplished
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