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One online shop provides high-quality superfood powders you can incorporate into your meals for a nutrition boost.

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When shopping for vitamins or healthy alternatives to your favorite junk food, you probably spent hours reading labels and even googling which supplements would support you best—shopping the aisles of physical stores used to be a fun weekend pastime. But as the pandemic persists, it’s not yet entirely safe to linger outside our homes just yet.

Fortunately, online stores specialize in wellness products that can boost our immune systems and even cater to our specific health concerns. Here are four e-commerce platforms that can provide you with all the information you need to create a proper vitamin plan, replace your snacks with healthier choices, and make your meals more nutrient-dense.


For custom vitamin recommendations, Persona lets you take a confidential questionnaire based on your health goals. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, detox, improve your digestion, or heighten your immune defense, an assessment is designed for each objective. 

According to its website, Persona uses a “doctor-designed” algorithm to plan the right supplement set for you. If you prefer a more detailed plan collaborating with a qualified nutritionist, you can receive one-on-one health advice from their free service. 

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Healthy Options

Since quarantine restrictions began last year, Healthy Options launched its nationwide doorstep delivery service. From their supplements to grocery and natural beauty to farm produce items, you can discover new health products to try or shop for your favorite organic snacks to stock up your pantry. 


Healthy Options also has its own range of nutritious alternatives and supplements. You can try their organic coconut flour and while quinoa for cooking. While for vitamins, they offer magnesium, zinc, and potassium tablets, to name a few. 

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Their mission is to help customers understand that health is “more than remembering to take your vitamins.” LuckyVitamin offers various natural supplements and can provide you with the information you need to choose the right products for you. 

You can select your health concerns such as joint pain, anxiety, and even acne on the website. For example, to tackle joint pain, the brand will recommend vitamins with collagen, a natural protein that our bodies produce less of as we age. And so you can consider taking a collagen supplement as it’s essential for maintaining healthy joints and plump skin.

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The Healthy Grocery

“Superfoods” has been a buzzword in the health industry recently, and it means that it’s a food that has exceptionally high nutrient content. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to incorporate vitamins not just from supplements but also in the meals we eat. 

The Healthy Grocery offers a wide range of nutrient-rich powders that you can add to dishes for vitamins and flavor. Some of their best-sellers include acai, spirulina, and turmeric powders. According to their website, adding just 1-2 teaspoons of the powders can boost your vitamin intake, improve your body’s detoxification ability, and enjoy additional flavor profiles to your food.

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Banner photo from @healthyoptionsph on Instagram.

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