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Consider switching your cotton pillowcases to silk ones for some actual beauty sleep.

If you’re experiencing pandemic fatigue, you’re not the only one. According to University of Arizona psychology professor David Sbarra, it’s a collective issue.

People have been exhausted for the past three years because of worrying and pandering too much on “what ifs.” However, just because you’re tired doesn’t mean sleep comes easy. 

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In fact, feeling drained but having trouble dozing off can mean anxiety—which many of us aren’t strangers with. After all, the world shut down, plans didn’t push through, and virtual celebrations just don’t cut it. So to get the goodnight’s sleep you deserve, we’ve rounded up five products to help you fully relax. 

From pajamas to keep you cool to a weighted blanket that may calm your nerves, scroll through for the items to elevate your sleep quality and level of comfort. 

BLISSY Silk Pillowcases 

Temperature regulation, better skin, and healthier hair are some of the benefits of switching from cotton to silk pillowcases—which makes them basic requirements for getting actual beauty sleep.

They’re antibacterial, which helps reduce acne and blemishes. At the same time, silk doesn’t produce friction with hair to prevent frizz and split ends. 

Photo from blissy.com

Handmade with 100 percent pure Mulberry Silk, Blissy pillow cases also come in an array of colors to match your bedroom’s interiors. 

You can shop here.

RE.VITYL Release Kit

The sleeping mask is the brand’s best-selling product, while the essential oil roll-on fuses sage, lavender, orange, pine, and rosemary scents.

Besides blocking off light sources, you can sleep better to relaxing scents (also great to use while meditating). You can bring the compact kit when you leave home, whether in a car, plane, or hotel room.

LUXE Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets are said to ease nerves and soothe anxiety using pressure simulation. Firm and controlled pressure can help induce calmness, especially after demanding days.

Depending on your preference, Luxome offers blankets weighing 15, 18, and 30 pounds to choose from. The covers are made from either exclusively bamboo lyocell, an ultra-soft Minky fabric, or a combination of both. 

Photo from luxome.com

You can shop here

LUNYA Silk Set Pajamas 

When the weather gets hotter than usual, sometimes even air conditioning can’t do the trick. Lunya’s washable silk set (no need to worry about dry cleaning) is thermoregulating and provides lower-back ventilation.

In addition, you won’t feel constricted given the side-slits design that gives way for motion—a helpful feature if you tend to toss and turn.  

You can shop here

SOUND + SLEEP White Noise Machine 

While some people need complete silence to get shut-eye, others prefer ambient sounds to wind down.

Instead of keeping Netflix playing, you can try a white noise machine. Sound + Sleep’s product offers a user-friendly configuration where you can choose from crashing waterfalls to the ocean’s waves. It may also help you focus while working while drowning out the noise from outside.

Photo from Amazon.com

You can shop here.

Banner photo from @lunya on Instagram

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