Paws Up! Here’s Where To Get Your Beloved Pet’s Needs and Treats

We know you’ve been closer with your pets this quarantine, so why not go the extra mile and give them treats from these pet brands?

Whether you are working from home now or still reporting to your school or office, there is always a time for you to shower your beloved pets with love. Playing with them warms up your heart when they respond with a disarming look in their eyes, an adorable sound, or an energetic movement. They will always remain our beloved companion in days of joy and struggles. So, here’s a short rundown of some premium brands for their needs, treats, and more.

Shanti and Samadhi, teacup Pomeranians of Cat Arambulo-Antonio.

Luxuri Pets

The most recent addition to The Aivee Group, this shop carries a variety of pet food, supplements, bath needs, and accessories. This is Cat Arambulo-Antonio’s favorite pet store to get treats and toys for her adorable dogs, Shanti and Samadhi. From eye-catching collars with a secure lock system to charming bow ties, you would never run out of accessories to choose from. It is also good to note the store is the exclusive distributor of Pinkpawpal, the award-winning Thailand-based petcare brand and Persian Cattery.

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Fetch! Naturals

As fur parents, your topmost priority is the safety of your pet. If they are having allergies, hot spots, and fur loss, the organic products of Fetch! are professionals in targeting these concerns. They mainly use 100% Neem Extract certified to hydrate and nourish the skin while softening and brightening the fur. Their entire line uses natural ingredients like plant-based extracts so these are not only safe for your pets, but also for the environment.

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Here’s something new and exciting to treat your pet (and yourself) with—popsicles that come in delightful flavors. All these use natural ingredients like watermelon, coconut water, and coconut milk. While most flavors are edible for you and your furry friend, Pork Broth Mint and Banana Pork Broth are exclusive for your pets to give them that extra kick of protein.

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Among the unique pieces that you can get for your pet are the elegant, personalized leather collars and tags. They call it, “wearable piece of love,” highlighting the unique relationship with your companion. The designs are timeless and the materials are durable so even when your dog goes on adventures outdoors, the tags and collars remain durable. Pawdel also offers neckerchiefs in striking designs.

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Pretty Bubble Dog

Treats, food, and bath products are not the only needs of your pets. This shop carries Petmiglia Dry and Care Room, a must-have especially for these times when hygiene and sanitation are of utmost importance. Directly shipping from South Korea, this care room features double clear doors, a noiseless air circulation system, and a HEPA filter for your pet. These allow them to be comfortable while ensuring they remain clean and deodorized all day.

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Mog & Marley

Carrying different premium brands of dog and cat food, this online store has been the go-to destination of fellow pet parents Heart Ongpauco-Escudero and Mark Bumgarner. The store has organic food like Vigor & Sage and Halo that use whole meat rather than protein substitutes or processed meats. Mog & Marley also delivers nationwide so you can always get that nutrient-dense food for your pets.

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Finding the perfect carrier for your bigger pets can be tough. Thankfully, Barkist carries sleek, water-resistant bags. The nylon shell material makes it sturdy so even if your furry friend gets hyperactive during your trip, the bag will keep him or her secure. Apart from bags, you can also choose from their different “Bondles.” These are packages with treats and accessories curated by a dog parent.

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Petto Bento

If you have a pooch that is a picky eater or sensitive to certain ingredients, this store offers natural food and amazingly, meal plans for pets. You can choose from an array of pork, salmon, chicken, and beef-based fresh meals. The team’s constant research and use of natural ingredients make for healthy and gourmet food. The store carries premium samplers, probiotic boost, and cat food as well, although the last two are for pre-orders.

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Ligaya Pet Collars

A glance at their Instagram feed and you’ll easily fall in love with their minimalist, handwoven crafts for pets. They use lovely Filipino words for names of the weaves like Pagkakaisa, Ligaya, and Hakbangan, all featuring vibrant hues. Each collar is lightweight and snugly fits around your pet’s neck. You can also have it customized with your choice of color combinations.

Click here to see their online store.

Photos of teacup Pomeranians from Cat Arambulo-Antonio.

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