The Lost Art of Letters: Where To Get Exquisite Paper and Writing Instruments

Crafting letters may have become an outdated practice now, but who says you can’t revive it with exquisite fountain pens and stationery?

Reaching out to our loved ones is easier now in the digital age. These days, messages favor brevity and speed and if one commits a mistake, the message can easily be edited or deleted. Yet compared with handwritten letters, there seems to be something lost in this form of communication. Written letters carry a certain art—pouring in heartfelt thoughts, meticulously writing them down on beautiful paper, before sealing them in an envelope. There are unparalleled elegance and sincerity in handwritten letters that demand only the best materials. So, if you want to relive this practice, here are some of the brands and studios where you can get exquisite papers and writing instruments.

LEFT: Bandana Prints Notecards. RIGHT: buckled boxes for notecards. (Photos from Instagram)


Those with an intense passion for cultures of past and present will find the most avant-garde paper products in this store. Known for its Filipino culture-themed wallpaper designs, tasseled brass boxes, and pendant lamps, Paperbound still proudly carries its humble beginnings as a print store. For their stationery, they boast of rich prints like Batik motifs, murals, and techniques like liquid gold leafing, and marbleizing. They also do personalized, hand-illustrated note cards, and luxury ang bao embellished with crystals—all positively exquisite.

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(Photo from Abu Shakra)


One of the most beloved stories of all time, Le Petit Prince, is now a piece in Montblanc’s collection. First launched in 2018, the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Edition series features three different editions with a fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint pen. The Special edition carries a deep blue hue reminiscent of the sky surrounding the prince, the Doué Classique has a burgundy hue synonymous with love, laughter, and care, and the Solitaire edition bears a similar burgundy color lacquer for fostering creativity and nurturing love. Each pen exhibits the unforgettable characters, the fox, the aviator, the planet, and the gold-colored star.

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Handwritten letters yield a whimsical spirit when stamped with personalized wax seals. While old-fashioned, the seals add elegance especially when they are used for invitations. Artisaire offers a wide range of beautiful designs crafted by their artisans. From soft palettes, earthen hues, to eye-catching colors, their wax seals and stamps induce unparalleled sophistication.

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Personalized notepads. (Photos from Instagram)

Printknots Design Studio

With their modern designs, this studio specializes in personalized stationery. Most of their prints come in vibrant borders ranging from florals, abstract, to classic patterns. If you prefer minimalism, they have a monogram collection and select illustrations in watercolor-like prints. You can choose from delightful images of cocktails, plants, and even lovely breeds of dogs and cats. The studio’s papers come in different sizes and types so you can even order all your paper needs from them.

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Journals in kraft and black. (Photos from Instagram)

Sunday Paper Co.

The commitment to simple hues and straightforward designs make this brand easily stand out. Their notecards and quality paper stock for watercolor come in equally minimalist yet elegant designs. Apart from these, they have notebook sets, planners, paper tapes, leather cord organizers—perfect for work purposes and for journal enthusiasts.

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