Where To Travel Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak?

While many countries have already declared travel restrictions, there are other places undisrupted by the outbreak

Last month witnessed the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus from a wildlife market in central China. The pneumonia-like symptoms spread across the world with hundreds of confirmed cases and counting. Aside from China, affected countries like Japan, France, the U.S., and even our own are taking efforts to recover people who have been struck by the virus and to prevent further cases from happening.

Amid the wildfire and the mass hysteria, people would still need or want to travel. While some countries have already placed travel restrictions especially in China, the approaching summer season inevitably calls for traveling to other parts of the world. Whether it is for a business trip or vacation, we have listed down places you can visit that are not affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak. As this may be so, we still encourage you to exercise careful vigilance when setting out beyond borders, taking into consideration the guidelines set by the World Health Organization even at the comforts of your immediate periphery.

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(Photo from Fine Tours New Zealand)

New Zealand

The New Zealand government implemented a ban on people traveling from mainland China. The travel ban began on February 3 and extends up to 14 days and the government will review the situation every 48 hours. In the meantime, feel free to explore hidden destinations like the Coromandel Peninsula for idyllic scenery, Queenstown for adventurous activities like mountain biking, paragliding, and bungee-jumping, and Kaikoura to taste the freshest seafood and watch tropical wildlife.

(Photo from Maasai Mara National Reserve)


African countries are largely unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak. There are no reported cases especially in Kenya and Egypt, being commonly the visited destinations of tourists. Thus, it is safe to tour around safaris and witness wildlife in all its glory in Maasai Mara National Reserve or to explore the historic treasures of the stunning Karnak temple and ancient structures like majestic pyramids in Saqqara.

(Photo from TripAdvisor)

South America

The Ministry of Health data confirmed negative cases in Brazil and Mexico. Yet both countries have declared public health emergencies for the possible outbreak of the virus. With their respective preventive measures, travelers can immerse in the tropical paradise and explore Copacabana of Rio de Janeiro, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cidade Alta or the lavish church of São Francisco. Further up north, Mexico boasts of its stunning beaches and scenery. Whether you prefer activities like paragliding and jet skiing at Puerto Vallarta or witness and bask in the breathtaking glory of Copper Canyon, you are certain to enjoy a vacation here.

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(Photo from BBC Good Food)


Europe is one of the farthest continents from China yet the Coronavirus has reached France and Germany. However, it is good to know that the most-visited places like Greece, Norway, and Poland have no confirmed cases of the virus. The Greek government is taking preventive measures like boosting the health sector’s responses in the event of a confirmed case. Norway has also begun personal protection measures, preparing to test and isolate cases. While some cruise lines in Norway have conflicting bans on Asia voyages, it is best to be flexible in your travel plans.

Have flexible travel plans

These places may be free from the disruption of the Chinese virus outbreak. Yet it is still best to be flexible in your travel plans. Prepare for any changes in travel restrictions and of course, personal preventive measures. Wherever you will go, restrict yourself from visiting animal markets. Bring sanitizers with you and if possible, constantly wash your hands thoroughly. Keeping these in mind, your business trip or a vacation with your loved ones will be memorable amid the outbreak.

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