White Glove Sale: Pedro Paterno Auction Sells Out All Items, Including Wife's Portrait For P18M -

Fun fact: A “white glove sale” refers to the rare event when an auction house sells every single lot.

León Gallery’s Illustrado Trove Auction featuring Don Pedro Paterno’s collection sold out all 157 lots.

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“Definitely one for the books! [The] Illustrado Trove Auction was an overwhelming success as every item from Don Pedro Paterno’s collection was sold and auctioned off to enthusiastic collectors!” León Gallery posted on social media.

The collection features the Expo General de las Islas Filipinas in 1887, the Exposicion Regional of 1895 in Manila, a bust by Mariano Benlliure, and two portraits by Félix Resurrección Hidalgo of Paterno himself and his beloved Srta. Luisa Piñeyro y Merino. The catalog shows more items here.

The most expensive lot was Hidalgo’s Portrait of Luisa Piñeyro y Merino (Lady on a Bamboo Chair). It sold for P18.68 million.

Meanwhile, another lot, Hidalgo’s Portrait of Pedro Alejandro Paterno fetched P17.52 million.

“As the premier cultural cognoscente of his time, Don Pedro Paterno is no stranger to collecting exquisite pieces from around the world when the opportunity arises,” León Gallery wrote.

Banner Photo by León Gallery via Instagram.

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