Handbags You Can Buy For 100,000 to 500,000 Philippine Pesos

These luxury bags are meticulously made with the finest materials which justifies the hefty price tags.

It is a no-brainer that items from established fashion houses and designer brands cost a lot. Other people are surprised and flabbergasted, even when they see the prices of the clothes and accessories luxury brands sell. Furthermore, many people deem purchasing a bag worth more than 100,000 pesos irresponsible and impractical—however, the beauty of luxury is the story each item tells. 

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Fashion houses pride themselves on the quality of their products, especially those brands known for their accessories. Each material is meticulously chosen to create, for example, a handbag. From the threads that bind the different leather panels to the durable hardware and delicate lining, the meticulous process of making a luxury handbag is a performance art in its regard. Moreover, these bags are highly priced because of the intricate design of the manufacturing process that justifies the price tag. 

Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag

It is arguably the most recognizable piece from Pharrell Williams’ current tenure as a creative director. The Sandwich Bag from Louis Vuitton is a design and craftsmanship masterpiece. Moreover, the bag is 3,000 USD or 167,725.50 Php. Such price points caused controversy—however, the bag is made of cowhide leather in the same color as the House’s famed shopping bags. The chic bag would surely elevate any outfit it would be paired with.

Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag/ Photo via Louis Vuitton website

Bulgari Serpentine Tote 

Bulgari is known for being a high jewelry brand, but many do not know that the brand also makes handbags. The Serpentine Tote is the grandiose mixture of Bulgari’s masterclass in making jewelry and fashion accessories. Furthermore, the materials of the bag justify its 389,000 Php or 6,957.80 USD price tag. The Nappa leather for the lining and crystal-studded suede for the outside panels. And, of course, the iconic Serpentine design in light gold-plated brass embellished with engraved scales and red enamel eyes for the handle.

Bulgari Serpentine Tote/ Photo via Bulgari website

The Row India 

The Row by the ever-iconic Olsen Twins is a go-to brand for people who love subdued and quiet luxurious clothes. Moreover, the bags from the brand are now gaining traction in social media, and the India bag is one of them. The India bag is an updated take on the bowling bag style. Furthermore, The Row used grained deerskin leather to make the bag. You can own this bag for the hefty price of $3,890 or 217,484 Php.

The Row India/ Photo via The Row website

Schiaparelli Anatomy Bag 

Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli, is known for creating literal wearable art. Which is why it is not surprising that his bags are also jaw-dropping sculptural masterpieces. The Anatomy bag is artistically whimsical—the brass eyes, nose, and mouth embellishments relaxed on the calfskin bodice of the bag make perfect stylistic sense. However, like other beautiful masterpieces, it has a hefty price tag. Buying the Anatomy Bag would send you back 6900 Euros or almost half a million Philippine pesos.

Schiaparelli Anatomy Bag/ Photo via Schiaparelli website

Chanel 22 

Chanel is a heritage brand that has produced multiple “it” bags throughout the years. Recently, the release of their take on a classic knapsack bag is instantly loved by many. The Chanel 22 is a beautiful calfskin everyday bag. Mostly made out the delicate leather, the 6,300 USD or 350, 000 Ph price point is a no-brainer.

Chanel 22/ Photo via Chanel website

Banner photo via Schiaparelli website.

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