5 Cinematic Cocktails To Try at Yes Please in BGC - Wine
November 20, 2019
photos Miguel Abesamis

Yes Please at the Palace has been a usual go-to in the BGC night scene since it opened its doors back in 2017. Continuously updating itself with new food and cocktails, Yes Please has adapted to the ever-changing tastes and trends of the times. Recently, it released a unique series of cocktails that harken back to many classic films, encapsulating each film’s tone and theme into the drink’s taste and look. With a roster of 14 cinematic cocktails, we’ve picked out five highlight drinks for you to try at your next visit.


Jurassic Park

Fresh and herbaceous in taste, this cocktail manifests the wild nature of the Steven Spielberg classic. Made with basil infused Hine VSOP, you get that green herby taste instantly. The basil is balanced with the sweet sharpness of pineapple and lemon juice to freshen up the drink with an egg to add viscosity in every sip.


The Mask

Reflecting its namesake film’s light tone and green hues, The Mask is a refreshing cocktail that gives the cooling taste of cucumber juice. With lime infused Ketel One vodka as a base you get a touch of tart sweetness from green apple syrup and some added lightness with a mix of Sauvignon Blanc. For that green finish, it’s topped with a small strip of dehydrated cucumber pulp.


Pretty Woman

Sweet, pink, and topped with cotton candy, Pretty Woman pretty much represents romantic comedies in general, but puts focus in one of the quintessential ones with its namesake starring the effervescent Julia Roberts. Tanqueray Gin starts off the cocktail with raspberry cordial to really nail it hard on the sweetness. A favorite amongst female patrons, the cotton candy also acts as a sweet snack in the end.


Men In Black

Black is the main focus of this earthy cocktail, with toasted black sesame infused Jim Beam Black as its base, you get a deeper profile with the addition of Laphroaig whisky. The dark flavors continue with activated charcoal syrup and cynar bitters. Tangy and satisfyingly odd, its alien flavor reflects the out-of-this-world nature of the film.


Forrest Gump

This last highlight drink is for the chocolate lovers. Starting off with Maker’s Mark Bourbon and creole bitters, you get that bittersweet kick from the cacao nibs infused Martini Rosso. Liquor forward and on the bitter side, a good way to have this drink is to take a bite off its chocolate case with every sip. Unlike the box of chocolates, you will know what you’re going to get: a swirl of delight at every sip. 


Yes, Please! is located at 38th St. Uptown, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila. For reservations, contact (0917) 140-7777.

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