Yes With Reservations: This New Korean Film Just Beat 'Parasite' to Achieve a Box Office Record - Arts & Culture

The Roundup is sure to break even.

The Roundup has achieved the highest ticket reservations record for a South Korean film since Parasite in 2019.

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It continues to dominate South Korea’s box office, marking the fourth-highest opening day reservation volume in the history of the country’s film industry.

Based on data from the Korean Film Council, The Roundup recorded 18,788 reservations. Furthermore, it comprised nearly three-quarters or 74.8 percent of real-time ticket reservations.

The film’s three-year record surpassed even Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a box office success that has collected over $700 million worldwide.

Topping the box office on its first day, The Roundup grossed $5.23 million in revenue. This is based on 467,000 ticket admissions on 2,226 screens with a total revenue share of 89 percent at the South Korean box office.

Additionally, this means the movie holds a two-year box office record for opening-day ticket sales since the COVID-19 outbreak started.

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Instant hit

Accounting for The Roundup’s early success is its presale to 132 countries worldwide. These include regions like North America and Eastern Europe, as well as strategic locations like China, France, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The film is the sequel to the 2017 box office hit The Outlaws. Notably, this predecessor previously broke the all-time highest Video On Demand sales record in South Korea in 2018.

Both films star Son Suk-ku, who portrays extreme villain Kang Hae-sang. The said actor’s commercial success extends to his other works, like the romantic comedy Nothing Serious, which hit number one in South Korea’s box office in 2021.

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