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These yoga studios around the metro have adapted to the times and now offer classes digitally to keep you fit, as well as the community alive.

Yogis unite! As much as yoga can be a personal experience, a key aspect of it is the sense of community it builds. In an effort to maintain the namaste and to, of course, maintain a fitness regimen, these studios around Metro Manila understand the importance of this community and are upholding this value by offering alternate way everyone can come together despite the social distancing we have to continue. Some do live video classes, upload scheduled videos, and others even utilize a video call set-up to simulate the one-on-one hands on approach of the practice. 

So, what are you waiting for? Unroll your mat in an open space at home and center yourself before finding what flows with you with these studios.

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Urban Ashram

Since the lockdown, Urban Ashram has been uploading classes on their IGTV that guide you through full 40-minutes classes, as well as some breath work exercises by their skilled set of instructors.

Check out their videos on their IGTV.


Evolve Yoga

Releasing a schedule of their live classes weekly, Evolve hosts online classes everyday with two classes (9 AM and 5 PM) per day. The also have kids yoga classes at noon on weekdays. 

Check their Instagram page for more information.


Yoga Plus

Yoga Plus releases their live yoga and meditation classes via Facebook Live which provides the convenience of being able to revisit previous classes so you can catch up. They release their classes twice a day (10am and 4pm) on weekdays, having a variety of yoga classes such as Yin, Flow, and FIIT. They have mediation classes twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For more information, check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.


Rebel Yoga

For those who want to have their yoga sessions in their own time, Rebel releases daily videos on their Youtube channel with videos on meditation, HIIT yoga, and Flow.

Check out there Youtube channel for all their videos and their Instagram page for updates.


Beyond Yoga

If following a coach in real time is more of a fit for you, then Beyond’s three classes daily might just be what you need. Classes are at 9am, 2pm, and 6pm every day (including weekends). Classes are hosted on FB Live with a large roster of coaches and class types.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook page for more information.


Bliss Yoga

Bliss Yoga hosts livestreams on their Youtube channel for a flat rate of Php 500 to support their teachers while the studio is closed. They stream classes once a day on weekdays.

Check out their Instagram page for more information.


Yoga Hive

Uploading full class videos on their Youtube channel for free, Yoga Hive provides videos for beginners and intermediate practitioners, so you can jump into their videos regardless of your skill level.

Check out their Youtube channel for all the videos, as well as their Instagram page for updates.

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