Young and Hungry: Chef Patrick Co is Taking His Culinary Expertise From Davao to the World

Not even his age can stop young Chef Patrick Co from making a mark in the culinary scene, whether locally or internationally

A chef whose star is on the rise as he currently owns two restaurants at only 26 years old is an astounding feat. But for Chef Patrick Co, owning a couple of establishments is literally just the beginning. Soon enough, he’s going to take his skill and expertise in the culinary world outside Davao City, his hometown, as well as those of his restaurants, The Fat Cow and Asian Cow.

The Davaoeño chef getting ready for showtime

A chef in the making

Co’s adoration for food and all things surrounding it began when he was still a child making trips to the nearby deli to purchase and cook delicious meats at home. To further elevate his skill, he would watch cooking shows intently so he could take note of all the recipes and tricks he could try for himself. Eventually, he learned how to cook a mean steak, risotto, and fried chicken.

On to the right path

Despite his love for cooking, Co was persuaded by his mother to take up a Marketing program in college. However, he ended up transferring to the Center for Asian Culinary Studies from Ateneo De Davao to finally pursue what he already knew he wanted to do in the long run.

The young chef eventually entered the professional world by working for companies like Marco Polo Davao and Vikings, but he considered that period as one of the most challenging moments in his life as he was struggling to showcase his full potential given the responsibilities he had. Because of it, he decided to take matters into his own hands. According to Co, “After being fired the second time, I had a lightbulb moment. I told myself, ‘This is the time I’m opening my restaurant.’” After receiving help from his own father, The Fat Cow finally opened in April 2016—a life-long dream that turned into reality.

The young chef is here to showcase a variety of dishes with a dash of Filipino

A traveler’s touch

What’s considered to be unique about Co is he can’t keep still when it comes to his restaurants’ menus. He said, “What’s special about my restaurants [is] there’s always something new,” especially after he comes home from his travels.

“I cannot stand cooking a 20-item menu for a month or two months without changing it up. I get bored. Yes, we have staples, but there’s always room for me to play.”

Chef Patrick Co on enjoying the flexibility to update his menus

The staples that the chef from Davao City was pertaining to consisted of the steaks, pastas, and other bistro dishes at The Fat Cow, while the Asian Cow that was launched in June 2018 is filled with Asian dishes that were inspired by his trips around the continent.

Uphill from here

In less than 10 years since he began his professional culinary journey as a chef, Co and his restaurants have already been acknowledged by multiple lifestyle magazines. Both were even included in the Top 100 Restaurants in the Philippines in 2020 and 2022. However, these recognitions aren’t stopping him from pushing forward and achieving more goals. According to the young chef himself, “I’m never content when it comes to what I’m passionate about. I’m always looking forward to more challenges, more adventures because I honestly think I’m always a work in progress.”

“I want to show them what Filipino flavors are all about.”

Chef Patrick Co on his mission to showcase Filipino ingredients at an international level

What’s next for Co is he will be making his mark in the international culinary scene, starting with MeatSmith in Singapore as it is having its annual Kebab Party on September 25, 2022, featuring renowned chefs from all over the world. Through his exclusive invitation, he is making history as the event’s first ever Filipino chef participant.

Being the young chef that he is, Patrick Co knows there’s still so much to learn. This is why he is determined to do better and create more cuisines that he’s excited to play around with for everyone to enjoy.

To know more about this inspirational culinary fiend, follow Chef Patrick Co’s Instagram. You may also visit the official pages of The Fat Cow and Asian Cow.

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