Young and Influential: 9 Millennials and Their Advocacies

Through their work and dedication, they make a positive difference in other people’s lives

Anya Lagman

Anya’s passion for musical composition led her to start The Dimitri Project. Through the skills she continuously hones at the British School of Manila and eventually in university, she empowers women in underserved communities. She reaches out to them, helping them to develop their talent and build their own careers through charity events. Anya believes music can further bring soul to people’s lives, a true inspirational commitment.

Bea Constantino

The idea to start Herman & Co. came to Bea with her search for a clothing line that promotes the rich Filipino heritage. While she grew up in Manila, Bea’s family came from Zamboanga and Sulu, a background she attributes to her natural affinity for the South. She turned to the Mindanaoan region, collaborating with the communities to create style pieces. These highlight the beauty of traditional weaves and the talent and creative processes of the local artisans. Through Herman & Co., Bea hopes to bridge gaps between the country’s capital and Mindanao.

Paolo Bugayong

For Paolo, he understood the difficult medical situation in the country–long queues and inefficient care–thus, he and his siblings Pamela and Patrick developed a way to address the concern. They created AIDE, a mobile app providing reliable home care solutions like medicine delivery, nursing care, and physical therapy. Equipped with professional training, the team working at AIDE provides personalized care for the patients. Through the app, Paolo is bringing quality medical care to those who need it.

Manna Vargas

Though her family is well-known for establishing an empire in the media industry, Manna has been showing genuine concern for the environment. Four years ago, she began working at the Oscar M. Lopez Center, building networks and partners to address the effects of climate change on the country and its people. The institution and its scientists research science-based solutions to help people adapt to increasing climate-related risks. Through her work, Manna hopes to help Filipinos recognize and adapt to the alarming changes in the environment.

Rocio Olbes

Apart from writing a children’s book “Daughter of the Sun and Moon,” in collaboration with Heart Ongpauco-Escudero, Rocio works with Bars to Bears. The program provides inmates with livelihood and therapy through their teddy bears given to orphans or terminally ill children. She is also the co-founder of The ‘Teh Talks or educational talks and seminars by a panel of women, and concert fundraisers that benefit cancer research and children’s education. Rocio may have been reaching out to different communities but it is her desire and dedication to help people that deserve praise to the humble, well-known socialite.

Toff de Venecia

Though Toff is presently engaged in the world of politics, the former child actor is also the artistic director of Sandbox Collective. Together with Anna Santamaria, they hope to be a multi-arts community, revitalizing the theater scene. For Toff, entertainment is no longer the main purpose of theater; the performances must ‘activate’ the audiences, initiating conversations beyond the theater house. Like for Dani Girl, they want to enlighten people about cancer and its effects on people’s lives. Through the performing arts collective, Toff highlights the importance of educating oneself and connecting to different stories at a deeper level.

Vanessa Vergara

Initially known as a PR professional working for cosmetics brand MAC, Vanessa is now working at Reef Check Philippines, initiating projects to help address environmental concerns. Under her leadership, she established three programs–Adopt a Reef, Adopt a Coral, and Voice for the Ocean. The adoptions call for sending students to school and holding forums to talk about the planet’s situation. Vanessa makes it a point that these gatherings include different communities to better discuss concerns from various perspectives. The ocean advocate is certainly helping not only people but the world we live in as well.

Clarissa Delgado

The CEO of Teach for the Philippines established the organization to improve the challenges in the country’s educational system. By focusing on training and coaching public teachers, Clarissa hopes to raise the quality of teaching in schools. The movement has grown nationwide, reaching over 300 young leaders who commit to education reform. Through the organization, Clarissa continues to stress the necessity of developing good leaders to positively shape young and brilliant minds.

Laura Lehmann

Raised by a single mother, the beauty pageant titleholder came to further respect fellow women, especially mothers. When Laura won the Beauty with a Purpose in Miss World 2017, she turned to Jose Reyes Medical Center to build a Milk Bank. It helps underprivileged mothers provide milk for their infants, especially to premature babies. The project includes the creation of proper facilities attending to the needs of the mothers and their infants. Laura’s project shows her deep appreciation and commitment to helping families, making a small yet significant difference in their lives.

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