Young Society Figures Reveal Their Post-Pandemic Dream Destinations

When it is finally safe to travel, where do you want to head to first?

In the new normal, travel seems to be mere memories, photos locked away in our phones, and distant plans that are frozen for an indefinite period. We are left to reminisce about our trips when the memories materialize on our Instagram stories. The urge to travel resurfaces from time to time, and we couldn’t help but still look forward to the time we are finally free to take road trips or fly to our favorite destinations. Members of the social set share their dream destinations they want to visit the most after the pandemic, each one hopeful to witness beautiful sceneries and have unforgettable experiences soon.

Camilla during her trip to Venice.

Camilla Guidicelli

“Morocco has always been at the top of my list,” says Camilla. “I’ve always been intrigued by Morocco’s culture, art, music, food, and architecture. I’d love to visit Chefchaouen and wander through a Moroccan souk,” she elaborates. With the stunning blue-washed walls of the town, the cobbled lanes, and the wonderful curiosities one can find in the streets and alleys of Souks, it’s no question why these two places are must-visits for tourists.

Apart from wanting to visit Morocco, Camilla would like to visit Europe to catch up with her friends. One of her recent trips was with a friend residing in Venice. “What I miss most about Europe is the ease of travel between countries. You feel a sense of freedom when you get to live spontaneously,” she says. She feels the stark contrast against here in Manila, especially when she gets stuck amid the EDSA traffic. Nevertheless, she knows waiting for the pandemic to leave is much safer and so she can only pin Morocco and Europe on her travel plans for now.

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Timothy in the snowy destinations in LA.

Timothy Laude

Basking in the serene scene of Santa Monica Pier, witnessing the iconic sites in Hollywood, and indulging in the exquisite dishes of multicultural restaurants, these are only some of the best experiences one can have in Los Angeles, and Timothy is definitely missing it all. “The first place I would most definitely go back to, especially after this pandemic is the city of angels,” he says. “LA simply has plenty to offer.”

What he longs for the most is the Christmas season. “I always look forward to going to different snow places,” he explains. With holidays around the corner, there is much desire to experience snow and engage in winter adventures once more. But for now, Timothy can only create new Christmas memories here in the country.

Sofia’s trip to San Francisco where she got to drive along Highway 1.
Sofia and then-fiancé Anton during their San Francisco trip.

Sofia Cojuangco

Living far away from your loved ones can be difficult and without a doubt, Sofia is missing her family in this quarantine. Thus, her home in Cebu is what she looks forward to visiting first when it is finally safe to travel. After spending time with her family, “[I] can’t wait to head to our friends’ wedding [and spend our] honeymoon in Rome, Italy, and then Greece,” she says with enthusiasm.

As a newly-wed amid the pandemic, Sofia couldn’t wait to properly have a honeymoon with her husband Anton in a new destination. “This has been the longest time we haven’t traveled and we’re just so excited to get out and immerse ourselves in someplace new,” she elaborates. She even reminisces her last trip last year which was to San Francisco where Anton proposed to her. “[The best part was the road trip using highway 1 from SF to LA. [It was] the most scenic drive I’ve been on,” she muses. With the breathtaking view of the pacific coast and the glorious blue of the ocean that stretches far into the horizon, this coastal drive is truly an unforgettable experience for Sofia.

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Jovanne in Baler, Aurora, and in the streets of Japan.

Jovanne Lagman-Faraon

Amid the pandemic, momentous occasions like weddings have to be either postponed or modified so it can still push through. Jovanne’s family initially planned to visit Australia for two weddings and to have a long vacation. However, the novel coronavirus outbreak forced them to change schedules. “It’ll be our first time to travel as a family,” she says. She waxes nostalgic about what she could have experienced such as seeing her relatives and friends who reside there. She loves “the part where they take us around beaches where we can surf, see breathtaking views and buildings for my kids to see for the first time.” It’s understandable as nothing beats the blissful moments of spending time with family and catching up on each other’s lives. Although Jovanne couldn’t visit Australia now, the hope of doing so soon remains in her heart as she goes through her new routine in this new normal.

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