Your New Best Friend: This Car Of The Future Features A Virtual Companion And Color-Changing Capabilities - Cars

The German car manufacturer showcased their latest creation at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023.

BMW describes the i Vision Dee, which stands for “Digital Emotional Experience,” as the ultimate companion.

Seeking to bridge the gap between car and driver, the company envisions a vehicle that has its own virtual voice and expressions.

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Its AI-powered virtual assistant can adapt to its driver’s needs and habits, navigating through the most optimal routes and providing necessary information.

The electric sports sedan has a sleek design, devoid of buttons and switches, with a windshield that can display the information across the entire width.

On the outside, the car appears to be all white. But with E Ink color-shifting technology, the i Vision Dee can display up to 32 different colors which drivers can customize according to their mood.

Because the body of the car is divided into 240 E Ink segments, it can be customized even further by using several colors at the same time and creating new designs.

In a news release by E Ink, the company said that “E Ink’s display technology is ultra-low power because it is bistable.” Power is only consumed while updating the color and design and stops when it’s just on display.

As soon as the driver approaches the car, Dee recognizes them and opens the door. Its headlights and kidney grille can form up to nine different “facial” expressions using graphics and sounds.

In BMW’s short movie featuring a conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dee shows off all the things that make this car unique and innovative. 

The two argue back and forth about the past and the future but eventually reconcile, realizing that modern technology and human relationships can go hand in hand.

BMW’s i Vision Dee is still just a concept but who knows how soon we’ll be able to see cars like this on the road.

Banner photo via Instagram @bmw.

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