Decorating Trends We Predict People Will Embrace This 2021

As we continue to take shelter in our homes in 2021, which decorating and design trends will resonate with us in the coming year?

The year 2020 has been, without a doubt, extremely challenging. Because of the worldwide pandemic, we’ve had to adjust our way of living to conform to the “new normal” of cloistering in quarantine, observing social distancing, and following health protocols. Our homes have become everything to us—a haven, a sanctuary, an office, a gym. And since we’ve spent so much time staying home this year, we’ve gained a new appreciation for its design and decoration. With that in mind, here are ten decorating micro-trends we think people will welcome in 2021.

1. Cozy Comfort  

The devastating effects of COVID-19 have made us take refuge in the comfort and safety of our homes. Now that we’re spending more time indoors, we’ve put a premium on furnishings that make us feel cozy and secure; these can come in the form of ultra-comfy lounge chairs and chaise longues upholstered in sumptuous textiles (like the chairs in the image below), warm blankets to cuddle with, the softest down pillows and comforters, and other deliciously tactile items. As home continues to be the most important place in our lives in 2021, we’ll continue to seek pieces that give us a sense of well-being.

2. The Stylish Home Workspace 

Those of us without a dedicated workspace at home scrambled this year to create a makeshift one using whatever available furniture we already had. But now that it’s become apparent that we can actually work from home on a regular basis (and not have to go through all that traffic!), we’ve realized how important an efficient and stylish home office can be. Any area or room can be converted into a chic work-from-home station complete with well-designed furniture and inspiring artwork, just like the one in the room below. 

3. Vintage/Nostalgia 

The uncertainty of living in a pandemic has made us crave things that comfort and delight us and what could be more soothing than the aged patina of vintage pieces? Older objects have something newer ones don’t: character, history, soul. They connect us to the past and for one brief moment, take us away from the reality of the present. The same can be said for objects that indulge our sense of nostalgia; things that remind us of our youth are a balm when we experience stress and anxiety. Take inspiration from the room below; it looks warm and inviting thanks to the elegant vintage pieces used to decorate it. 

4. Outdoor Spaces  

The trend of spending more time in our patios and verandas will continue in 2021, and with it comes the desire to make these spaces more inviting. We’ll be investing in beautiful outdoor furniture (like the ones in the image below) and sprucing up our gardens, backyards, lawns, and pool houses. Afetr all, there’s no better way to get the health benefits of sunshine and fresh air than by lounging in a gorgeously designed outdoor area. 

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5. Handcrafted Pieces  

With all the amazing technological advances we’ve seen in the last decade, we are more than ever drawn to things that bear the mark of the human touch. Whether it’s handmade, handsewn or hand painted, we’ll be shopping for pieces with a personal stamp in the years to come. An example of this is the charmingly hand painted tableware from Dior Maison (seen below); no two are exactly alike so each piece is special and exclusive.

6. Natural Elements 

Who could have imagined plants would become the most sought-after home accessory of 2020? The popularity of indoor plants came as a result of people staying indoors and pining for the beauty of nature. Potted plants and other forms of natural greenery (like the bamboo trees in the stunning bathroom below) will continue to be popular in 2021, as will other natural elements like flowering branches and ornamental grasses. 

7. Humor/Wit 

Someone once said that humor can get you through the most difficult circumstances. It’s universally believed that in times of crisis, wit and humor can help you deal with the gravity of a situation. This belief extends to the realm of decorating. Introducing a dash of levity to your interior is like letting in a ray of sunshine; it’s bright, cheery, and optimistic. Whether it’s in the form of colorful and whimsical pieces like the Bosa ceramic vessels seen below, incorporating wit and humor into your space is always a welcome antidote to the seriousness of life. 

8. Fitness Areas 

When fitness centers and gyms had to be closed down for months, we had no choice but to set up a workout area in our homes. Even though these centers have reopened in the last few months, we’ve come to realize the advantages of having a well-appointed fitness space at home, i.e., convenience, privacy, safety, and no need for social distancing.  A home gym doesn’t have to be a drab, uninspiring space; great lighting, proper ventilation, and an efficient floor plan can make it as sleek and as stylish as any other room in the house (see the image below for inspiration).

9. Global Influences  

With lesser opportunities to indulge in international travel during the pandemic, there will be a longing to decorate with global influences in 2021. Pieces from different countries remind us of how rich and fascinating other cultures are and if we can’t go to them (at least for now), we will let them come to us. A mix of different objects and materials from around the globe makes for a sophisticated and eclectic décor, just like the room below with its Japanese screen, Spanish sheepskin throw, and antique English chaise

10. Luxurious Materials  

The more challenging life is, the more we want to indulge in things that make us feel good. That’s why luxe beddings, furnishings, and home scents will top our list of must-haves in 2021. Glamorous touches like metallic accents, buttery leather, and thick wool carpets are welcome additions to our homes because they make us feel pampered and special. In the bedroom below, luxurious materials give the space the look and feel of a five-star hotel; the oversized quilted headboard, plush rugs, and silk sheets are guaranteed to envelop the homeowner in a cloud of extravagant comfort.

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