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These candidates aim to become more than just “spare tires.”

Vice-presidential hopefuls in the 2022 Philippine elections, except for Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and Deputy Speaker Lito Atienza, have publicized their top picks for Cabinet positions should they be elected into office.

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Participants in the CNN Philippines 2022 Vice-Presidential Debate on February 27 included Walden Bello, Rizalito David, Manny Lopez, Willie Ong, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, Carlos Serapio, and Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III.

Here are their specific plans of action, which they unveiled during the first live and in-person debate since the filing of candidacies.

Cabinet Picks

Under the 1987 Constitution, the vice president may be appointed as a member of the Cabinet without requiring confirmation. The 2022 vice-presidential candidates present in the CNN Philippines debate named the following departments as their preferred Cabinet posts.

Bello: I will prefer the Department of Finance, because it’s such a central Cabinet position. Ka Leody [de Guzman] and I will have a tax on the top 750 billionaires in the country and this will be for the social program that will go and benefit the vast majority of people.

David: If I were to be elected vice president and choose a position in government, I would like for the president to create a commission for moral renewal and cultural restoration that I would lead.

Lopez: The cabinet portfolio I would choose will be perhaps a Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry… I have a comprehensive three-program agenda to help advance our economic recovery. And this is one, a new omnibus investment code, to make doing business in the country a lot easier.

Ong: We don’t know what will happen next so depending on the president, if they want to appoint me to the Department of Health, they want me to become overview of health, this is okay. If they want to put me in charge of aid, that’s also okay with me.

Pangilinan: Whatever is related to agriculture and fishery, that is what we will accept… We would focus on assistance, aid, and help for our farmers and fishers.

Serapio: Because of my academic background, my experience in engaging different leaders and functionaries of different nations, I prefer to take the portfolio of the Department of Foreign Affairs.  

Sotto: With the Dangerous Drugs Board and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, I will be able to implement the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 completely… I feel we will be able to complete and implement well the laws that we have passed before.

Prexy Proxy

Since vice presidents will succeed presidents in the case of their death, permanent disability, removal from office, or resignation—the candidates were also asked about their readiness to assume the presidency in case of emergency. Here’s how they responded.

Bello: Yes, I’ll be ready to assume. But I really wanted to air some of my problems. Sara Duterte is not here. They were watching us fighting one another. And she was not here to reveal her program, because she has no program for the people.

David: I worked for a long time in the Senate. At the same time as these two senators. The difference is I’m not a senator. They’re senators, I’m staff, but I have done more. My preparation is there. I’m just waiting for the opportunity.

Lopez: I am the only vice-presidential candidate without an official tandem for president. But I will fully commit to support the best, most qualified, and committed presidential candidate who will serve the interest and welfare of people… As an economist and management professional, we came up with socioeconomic development and political reform agenda to help uplift the lives of our people.

Ong: I am a doctor, 27 years, free services for our citizens. You know I have no enemies here. I can run in politics without enemies and just say I don’t have campaign funds. I don’t accept from any businessperson. If I’m lucky enough to become president, then I will decide well.

Pangilinan: Since I started as a lawyer, I’ve given free legal services to our citizens… Until now, we have fought for the farmers and fishers, because they have been deprived. It’s unjust that those who feed us are hungry.

Serapio: I have thought a lot about presenting myself as a candidate in this coming election. I discerned, I reflected, I prayed. And I came to the conclusion that the 50 years of experience that I had been blessed to be part of the advocacy work of the just ordering of society will serve me in good stead, should, again, I will be called to perform the duties of president. 

Sotto: I have built consensus with 23 republics as a president of the Senate for almost four years. We believe in our competence, experience, and I think we will be guided well not only by the good Lord, but, of course, the experience we have built within the 30 years.

Banner Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

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