5 Things You Need to Prepare Before a Long Drive

A family road trip is perfect for that next long weekend or vacation—spend a couple of days out of town and have a fun family bonding moment through food, activities, and other memorable experiences. But a great road trip always begins with careful preparation. You don’t have to bring a lot, only what’s necessary. Here is a list of 5 essential things you need to prepare before a long drive with the Ford Everest to ensure every hour you spend on the road is safe, comfortable, and fun.

A road trip music playlist

Having a good music playlist that the whole family can sing along to is essential for any long drive. Avoid awkward silences and dull moments by keeping the energy in the vehicle alive with classic karaoke tunes, throwback tunes, or popular movie soundtracks. Best of all, choosing which song to play is a lot easier and safer with the SYNC 3 system. Play your music from your device via Bluetooth or plug in via USB. Search, select, and play your music using voice commands so your hands can stay on the wheel and your eyes on the road, right where they should be.

Extra bags

Avoid cramped suitcases by bringing extra bags along the trip. These will surely be handy to ensure you have a place to put your gifts and other treasures you will bring back home. There will always be room for extra items in the car with the spacious interior. You can keep your snacks and valuables nearby, while your bags and other bulkier items can fit well in the trunk. Extra space is easily available at a push of a button through its 3rd row PowerFold seats.

Pillows and blankets

Make sure to bring a few neck pillows and cozy blankets if you’ll be on the road for a long time, especially during night trips. The Auto AC automatically adjusts the temperature if it gets too cold or too warm to your liking. Long drives can be draining especially if you are a passenger, but with the vehicle’s leather-upholstered seats, its comfort gives you a sense of relaxation for the entire trip. It also has Active Noise Cancellation that measures engine noise and cancels it using opposing sound waves so you can feel relaxed for the entire ride!


Capture every moment of your trip by bringing a camera or your trusty smartphone along. While you’re at it, don’t forget your other gadgets and accessories. Take scenic pictures of fields, mountains, and the horizon through the windows; or clear shots of the sky with the panoramic moon roof that takes up almost 50% of the roof space so you can experience the outdoors even when you’re indoors.

Car tool kit and early warning device

Be prepared for any situation and don’t forget to bring a car tool kit—a jack, cross wrench, jumper cables, wrenches, pliers, extra car fluids—and an early warning device in case of an emergency. But with the suite of safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning, accidents are kept at a minimum. With Adaptive Cruise Control, Everest detects slow-moving traffic and slows down with it, then gains back speed once the road clears up allowing you to cruise even in traffic. Its Collision Warning detects the potential for an accident to occur and alerts you about it. You’ll surely feel safer with Everest’s assistive technologies!

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