Cruise Through City Traffic with a Vehicle Built for Urban Life

Living in a city offers a unique lifestyle that you can’t get anywhere else. Every corner is bustling with people eager to get to their destination. With days full of agendas and places to be, they fill up the streets and highways, ensuing traffic.

Squeezing your way through confusing lanes is an obstacle everyone knows all too well. But this nightmare can come to an end with a vehicle tailored to maneuver the traffic. Cruise through the city streets in a breeze with the Ford Everest.

Keep your cool amidst the chaos of cars

Busy highways and tangled lanes can be disorienting and hazardous. It’s hard to predict the next moves of the drivers around you. With the Adaptive Cruise Control, you can read the traffic ahead and breeze through it with less worry. Keep a safe distance between you and other cars with a push of a button. By scanning up to 64 vehicles ahead of you, the Adaptive Cruise Control automatically allows you to adapt to the movement of the traffic. The system also guides your cruising speed to drift easily with the changing traffic.

Stick to the safety of your lane

With cars coming in from all sides, it can be easy to stray from your lane and unintentionally swerve into the next one without realizing it. This can cause collisions especially if you weren’t able to signal your intent to change lanes. You can now avoid this mishap with the Lane Keeping System. If your car is starting to merge with the lane next to you without signal, the Lane Departure Warning vibrates the steering wheel to alert you. If you continue to drift, it applies enough torque to guide you back into your lane, and back to safety.

Parallel park like a pro, hands-free

Parking is one of the trickiest things to do when driving. One small miss and you might just hit the car next to you. Park like a pro with the Active Park Assist, the vehicle’s in-system parking guide. Using the sensors on the front and rear bumpers, the Active Park Assist searches for the perfect spot to park in. An alert will then be displayed on the screen to let you know how to position the vehicle to begin parking. The electric power-assisted steering and sensors will then take over the wheel while you work the forward and reverse gears, accelerator, and brakes. Nail your parking every time hands-free!

Brave the traffic and cruise through the tangle of cars with no hassle, no stress, and no effort with the new Ford Everest.

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