A Finely-Crafted Vehicle With A Human-Centered Design

Drawing on Hybrid Drive Technology, this brand delivers a luxury sedan that is masterfully engineered to leave a smaller footprint.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s April 2023 Issue. 

There’s an art to objects which begins when they’ve fulfilled their mere duty and when they start plucking gently at the emotional chords of their users. Although any box with wheels on it can get you from point A to B, it takes a unique assembly of elements–of twisted metals, configured electrical circuits, stained leathers, and elegant ornamentations–to leave a passenger feeling taken care of. 

And perhaps, being looked after is at the heart of the Lexus design process. In Japan, there is a long-existing culture which comes from sado (tea ceremony) whereby hosts look after guests wholeheartedly. This culture is known as omotenashi and is at the core of Lexus’ human-centred approach to creating beautiful vehicles–which the company has done since 1989. Merge that with Lexus’ tradition of takumi craftsmanship, and customers experience nothing less than a work of art.

At a top-secret meeting in 1983 then-chairman Eiji Toyoda challenged management, “Can we create a luxury car to challenge the very best?” birthing the idea of the Lexus LS line, a concept which over six years guided a team to create a sedan now renowned for its performance, efficiency, nimble handling, and uncompromised luxury. 

Forty years since the idea of the LS was conceived, Lexus’ LS 500h flagship model debuts a renewed human-centred approach to its design: as a hybrid model in view of Lexus’ electrified future, the company is progressing to be environmentally friendly, preserving the world for future generations and giving auto-users greater fuel efficiency. 

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Photos courtesy of Lexus Philippines.

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