This Company Is Pushing The Envelope In The Field of Quality Testing

Headed by leading chemist Pinky Pe Tobiano, this Philippine quality testing corporation is entering the international stage to ensure safer cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and water for all. 

Qualibet Testing Services Corporation is a local company that specializes in chemical and microbiology testing of  a variety of products—more specifically those that come into contact with our bodies in any way, shape, or form. As such, they provide their services to an equally expansive list of clients in the hospitality, food and beverage, and cosmetic industries, making them the unsung heroes behind every safe product we consume. 

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Chemist and founder of Qualibet, Pinky Pe Tobiano

Recently, the Filipino-run company has been acquired by the French-owned enterprise, Bureau Veritas Asure Quality (BVAQ). BVAQ is a key player in the global testing and certification industry, with an acquired revenue of €4.8 billion in the last year alone. This new acquisition marks the beginning of many exciting opportunities for Qualibet, especially since the microbiology testing market is predicted to experience significant growth in the coming years. 

More than rapid growth, Qualibet is also looking forward to providing staff with modern and sophisticated laboratory equipment, as well as access to leading laboratories around the world. This will help them provide even more accurate results to their clients, which in turn, ensures that more quality products enter the Philippine market. 

“This is not just a landmark achievement for our company, but also a milestone for Filipino chemists as we have now broken ground in the global playing field of science, analysis, validation, and certification. We now have a chance of not only bringing about good changes in our country but also to the rest of the world,” Ms. Tobiano shared.

Quality Is Better

The experts behind quality testing are described by Tobiano as the “unsung heroes” of society. Behind every certified product are a group of scientists who work tirelessly to ensure that the item is safe to consume or apply onto any part of the body. Even restaurants and hospitality businesses avail of their services in compliance with health and safety protocols, so customers can be assured that they’re eating well-prepared food in a hygienic environment. 

Qualibet's laboratories
A chemist hard at work within the walls of one of Qualibet’s laboratories

Their continuous work is crucial, as there are always products and services in need of proper testing. Sadly, just because something is being sold in the market, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe for consumers. Many products have been recalled by the FDA due to their harmful properties, while others might have slipped under the radar. What’s more, certain sellers may be prone to purchasing packaging materials—like plastic containers or bottles—without sterilizing them prior, which could lead to pathogen contamination. 

Pinky Pe Tobiano giving an informative talk on the importance of quality testing to various members of the press
Tobiano giving an informative talk on the importance of quality testing to various members of the press

During a talk and lab tour, Tobiano showed a particular lipstick that was recently recalled. The reason? The cosmetic contained dangerous amounts of lead, a substance that’s usually used to darken the shade of certain make-up products. Tobiano demonstrated how the reddish brown lipstick immediately became black in color when rubbed with a gold ring—a telling indication of lead due to its high reactivity to gold. It’s not something one can readily and easily determine on the spot, which is exactly why quality testing has become so important. 

Safety and Better Health for Everyone

Qualibet is dedicated to protecting Filipino consumers and businesses by offering a range of helpful services. At the moment, Tobiano is focused on encouraging SMEs to submit their products for testing. Qualibet not only  performs quality checks, but also creates nutrition facts and analyzes the shelf life of products to help businesses comply with DOH and FDA regulations. 

Pinky Pe Tobiano Qualibet
A lot of scientific work goes into ensuring the safety of consumers

When a problem is identified, the company can offer advice on how to store, prepare, and even market goods—this way, businesses can continue their endeavors and consumers are guaranteed a safe experience using their products. 

“Since we are already part of a global conglomerate, our Certificate of Analysis is recognized by food exporters . We want to be an advocate in improving our environment, this we can do by helping government bodies, businesses, whether large corporations or small and mid-range sizes, to thrive,” explained Tobiano. Indeed, what the skilled chemist truly wants is a country where safety is made more accessible to every Filipino. 

Pinky Pe Tobiano Qualibet
Qualibet aims to help businesses provide quality products to all

“Qualibet BVAQ is wholly committed to fulfilling its role as a catalyst for change not just in the country but also in other parts of the world. Being part of Qualibet BVAQ gives us more leverage in helping businesses move forward by providing practical and technical solutions, most especially the SMEs as they need guidance on best practices,” she shared. 

Qualibet Testing Services is located at 121 Dangay Street, Project 7, Quezon City. For inquiries, you may email them at [email protected], or contact them through (02) 8374 8003, 0917 564 9894, and 0917 884 6844. For more information on their services, you may visit their official website at

Photos courtesy of Qualibet Testing Services Corporation.

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