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Feli Atienza has remained dedicated to staying fit physically and mentally throughout her life. In a time when health is a constant source of worry, she shares how she takes care of herself, whether at home or on vacation.

“The best experience is the limitless energy I feel every morning!” Feli Atienza exclaims on the thrills of living her active lifestyle. This daily grind has benefitted her in many ways and those that know her well enough can clearly see that she puts great focus on her fitness and well-being.

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Sporting life

Atienza has always had an active lifestyle, she shares. She was on both the ISM varsity basketball and volleyball teams in high school, a competitive drive that she continued in college. “I was recruited to join the varsity volleyball team at UPenn and enjoyed swimming leisurely laps at the pool,” she says of her time at the University of Pennysylvania. Even throughout her working career, she would constantly enroll in gyms and studios to indulge in many forays of fitness. She’s been into yoga, running, Pilates, boxing, and, in recent years, even stepped up her gym routine, “Right before I turned 40, I added strength and conditioning to my exercise regimen,” she says.

“Traveling or going on holiday is not an excuse for me. I reflect during my workouts and exercise, in fact, helps me reset and recharge as well,” says Atienza.

Health and wellness is about nurturing our physical, emotional, mental and social well-being, Atienza explains. She then lists her current favorite workouts such as strength and conditioning because, “It improves our metabolism, body composition, bone density, [and] fitness.” She cheekily finishes with, “Best of all, as a woman, you can release your inner beast!”

Atienza jokingly says that she probably has more athleisure apparel than office clothes, adding that some of her favorite brands include Nike, Adidas, Alo, and Lululemon.

On her current favorite exercises, Atienza shares that she loves a good set of squats, “It’s a compound exercise that crushes calories, improves balance and works the glutes, legs, and core.” Another pro for squats is that they can be done anywhere, even on vacation. Atienza says that exercising even adds to the vacation experience, “Traveling or going on holiday is not an excuse for me. I reflect during my workouts and exercise, in fact, helps me reset and recharge as well.”

To complement her exercise regimen is, of course, a wardrobe to match. “I probably have more athleisure clothes and shoes than office clothes!” Atienza says laughingly, adding that her favorite brands are Nike, Adidas, Alo, and Lululemon. Apart from what she wears, what she consumes also hugely contributes to her fitness journey. Some of her go-to post-workout food include boiled eggs and cottage cheese or natural yoghurt, “I also enjoy a refreshing Kombucha drink.”

Lately, Atienza has tried trekking and badminton as these are non-contact or open-air activities.

Distanced but driven

Even with the hurdles that the pandemic brought, Atienza found ways to continuously push herself—with some limitations, “The biggest adjustment is not attempting too heavy a lift as your trainer is not present to spot you.” But even if sessions are done digitally, she shares that the same principles still stand, “Consistency and reps with manageable weights were the key.”

Some of Atienza’s go-to post-workout sustenance include boiled eggs, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, and Kombucha.

She was also able to find new ways of staying active while maintaining social distancing protocols. “Lately, I tried trekking and dabbled in badminton as these are non-contact and/or open-air activities.”

There is definitely many more to conquer for Atienza in 2021. With this never-ending effort to always improve herself, she wants to continue to “live a fulfilling, boundless, and joyful life!”

Atienza says that strength and conditioning can “release your inner beast!”

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