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It includes a pair of marble weights that could easily be mistaken as home decor.

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As parts of the home have become makeshift gyms in the last year, finding the best fitness equipment to achieve health and fitness goals is key. From exercise bikes to weights, people are investing in tools to build their own workout spots.

Many exercise tools, unfortunately, just never blend in with the living space’s interiors. It just ends up as an odd-looking corner: out-of-place, a total eyesore, and disruptive of the home as a sanctuary from the world outside. 

We’ve rounded up pieces of fitness gear that are so stylish, all could be displayed as a work of art or home decor.

The Power Ring, Bala

This weighted ring ($85 or P4,100), available in black, pink, teal, orange, cream, and blue, is useful for any strength and weight training. It weighs 10 pounds and looks ultra-sleek, whether in use or not.

Nefeli Marble Dumbbell, Faye Tsakalides

These marble dumbbells ($289 or Php14,100) by Greek designer Faye Tsakalides are weights, but elevated. Place it on top of a marble coffee table and no one will know that while it resembles an Ancient Greek sculpture in a museum, it is actually meant for bicep curls.

Meditation Cot, Prizmic & Brill

Handmade by craftsmen in Pampanga, this leather bed (price available upon request)from Prizmic & Brill is perfect for morning meditations, pre-workout breathing exercises, or even a post-workout rest. With its vintage feel, it can easily look like another piece of unique furniture at home. It is available with the homegrown brand’s training set from their Dojo collection, the setup for which won a Katha Award in Manila FAME back in 2019.

Push-Up Bars, Candice Blanc and Ulysse Martel

These push-up bars and dumbbells are part of a collection called Olympia, which designers Candice Blanc and Ulysse Martel describe as “both futuristic and retrograde.” These stackable tools are both useful for strength training and for adding a glossy, iridescent accent at home.

Gymnasten, Tingest

Burning excess calories isn’t always pleasant. That’s certainly not the case with Tingest’s Gymnasten, though. The chic hula-hoop made out of bamboo brings the fun in exercising, while the leather and brass wall hook that it comes with makes for an elegant decor post-workout.

Ubarre, Equipt

It looks more like home decor, thanks largely to its shape and metallic finish. Ubarre (starts at $149 or Php7,200), in truth, is a weight used to build strength and endurance. It’s portable, too, so one can take it to work out on the balcony, the garden, or even inside the bedroom.

Punching Bag, Prizmic & Brill

Not all punching bags are created equal. Some of them are like Prizmic & Brill’s—handcrafted, with genuine leather as outer shell and a matching stand. Also part of the Dojo collection, the equipment can take repeated forceful hits for an upper body workout in style.

Banner Photo from @UlysseMartel on IG

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