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Whether on a trip or in quarantine, Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez always prioritizes being active. This passion even led her to a ‘serendipitous moment’ with someone she considers a style icon.

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Working out has always been a fixture in Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez’s life.

“I’ve been active for as long as I can remember,” Ocampo-Rodriguez shares. At 8 years old, she was into gymnastics, and was a varsity swimmer and a member of the cheerleading team in high school. Her passion for fitness and active movement runs alongside her love for fashion, and can be seen in the comfortable and practical pieces in her Le Weekend Sport collection. (“I love Stella McCartney, Oysho and of course my own,” she says when pressed for her favorite fitness wear brands.)

Ocampo-Rodriguez was into gymnastics as a child, and was part of her high school’s varsity swimming and cheerleading teams.

Chance encounters

Currently, the fashion designer counts HIIT classes, Latin dancing, and running as her favorite exercises, a diverse roster befitting a dynamic woman.

Running led to a highlight experience for Ocampo a couple of years back. “Just two years ago I was jogging around Paris. It was the perfect autumn day and I was able to catch a beautiful sunset while going around Place de la Concorde,” she shares. “I ran into a celebrity who was so nice and down to earth, and graciously agreed to a photo. She even chatted with me after. It was a serendipitous moment!”

“I love Stella McCartney, Oysho and of course my own,” she says when pressed for her favorite fitness wear brands.

The celebrity in question was Gabrielle Caunesil, who Ocampo-Rodriguez considers a style icon. “Was totally caught off guard when I jogged past her sitting in a cafe during my run around L’opera earlier—she was so approachable and warm and downright friendly and humble to an absolute stranger who tried hard not to gush—but failed,” she wrote in the caption of the IG post that marked the moment. “You even hugged me several times and I thank you for making this already magical trip more unforgettable!”

The moment also showcases how important it is Ocampo-Rodriquez to jog even when she’s out of town. “If traveling to a colder climate, running shoes are a given and I really look forward to exploring the city by foot.” Of course, this also comes with exceptions as she adds that it depends where and when, “If I’m going to a beach holiday, forget it!”

HIIT classes, Latin dancing, and running are Ocampo-Rodriguez’s favorite exercises.

Quarantine fitness

The pandemic has brought about changes and restrictions on traveling, fashion, and fitness—and it was a tough adjustment for Ocampo-Rodriguez who counts the three as big parts of her life. “I really enjoyed going to the gym and working out with my trainers,” she says. “Working with a limited space was challenging to get used to.”

Over the lockdown, Ocampo-Rodriguez got into pilates.

As hard as staying active was during the early days of quarantine, she still says that those little pockets of fitness helped her get through that tough and uncertain period. Over the lockdown, Ocampo-Rodriguez was able to try new exercises such as Pilates. She also prefers to use her body weight for working out, which saves up on space.

Ocampo-Rodriguez shares that staying active helped her get through the lockdown.

For Ocampo-Rodriguez, health and wellness is a lifestyle that permeates in every aspect of her daily routine—From morning jogs to a healthy chicken wrap for lunch. For her fitness goals this year, she keeps it simple, “[I] would love to focus more on toning strength training.”

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