A Different Manam At Ayala Triangle Gardens

The first-ever Manam flagship shop with reservations opens at the Ayala Triangle Gardens as Manam embarks on a new decade. 

The Moment Group’s comfort Filipino brand launched its flagship shop at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. Manam at the Triangle takes all the unique qualities that have made Manam a favorite Filipino restaurant in the last 10 years. They also have specials not available in other branches and have two dishes that have to be ordered a day ahead of time.

Exterior of Manam at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

The shop’s parkside location creates an atmosphere conducive to blissful and leisurely meal times. A Bibingka Bar inside the shop serves the full selection of Manam pampalamigs along with off-menu cocktails and three special concoctions by Moment’s own drinking den, Bank Bar – the rum-powered Mango Colada, gin-based Calamandan Club, and boozy Mariang Bastos. The 8-seater bar also serves pulutan oor bar chow, pastries, and kakanin (rice snacks), like bibingka and puto bumbong that’s fired up for you on the spot. 

Floating Calamandan Island/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

Abba Napa, restaurateur and Moment Group founder says “We built Manam at the Triangle because we wanted to create a Manam dining room where you would not feel rushed, no matter the time of day. It’s right in the midst of this rare patch of green in the city—you can chance upon it as you walk by, but you can also make it a destination and a bigger part of your day. And who doesn’t want a view of a park and sunlit trees while sipping on that Ube+Sago shake?” 

Interior of Manam at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

The new Manam shop comes with exclusive new features that enhance the dining experience all around. Starting these off is a table reservations service, which Manam is pleased to finally offer its patrons. Manam at the Triangle is the first and only Manam shop to accept pre-bookings. Guests can place a reservation as early as 3 months ahead for any of the shop’s dining spaces. 

Tables in Manam at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

Napa adds “Throughout the years, our patrons have asked us to consider taking reservations so they can celebrate their milestones with us. We are truly happy that with Manam at the Triangle we are able to finally do this for them. We look forward to people now being able to plan and celebrate their special occasions with us as we in turn celebrate our own milestone—our 10th birthday,”

Interior details of Manam at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

The Manam experience would not be complete without all-day favorites like the House Crispy Sisig, the Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon, and the Crispy Pancit Palabok (which come in regular and squid ink varieties). Manam at the Triangle’s menu carries all of these and more, including new specials that are available only at the flagship shop. Created specifically for group celebrations, a few of these exclusives are best pre-ordered upon placing a reservation as they require preparation of as much as 24 hours ahead. Guests will be taken through a pre-order menu as they book a table through any of the shop’s reservation channels. The shop will also be open for takeaway and delivery through manamtriangle.momentfood.com. Must-tries include the House Lechon de Leche and Camias Rice, Manam’s take on Cebu-style cochinillo with rice made from the lechon drippings; Prinilaw, a kinilaw of ulang or local freshwater prawn and its fried head; Sinigang na Kurobuta Pork Belly & Piña, featuring fruity sinigang broth, soured with tamarind, miso, and charred pineapples; the spatchcock Chicken Inasal, Lechon Manok (Filipino roast chicken), and Midnight Beef Ribs Adobo, slow-cooked in soy sauce, coconut vinegar, and red wine with garlic confit. For the sweet tooth, the new shop serves many of Manam’s signature desserts like the Calamansi Tart and the House Buko Pie. But new pastries and treats like Pan de Regla made with beets and day-old bread; the Patis (fish sauce) Caramel Tart, with South Cotabato ganache and a dark cocoa crust; and a Floating Calamandan Island, baked meringue with a Calamandan (calamansi and dalandan) crème anglaise are not to be missed. And for those who love their pampalamigs or coolers, Manam at the Triangle will have its very own Halo-halo cart roaming around the dining room, allowing guests to make their very own Halo-halo replete with their favorite ingredients. 

Many of Manam at the Triangle’s dishes are served in hand-sculpted stoneware, which were collaborated on together with Mia Casal of Mia Casal Ceramics. The Zambales-based potter molds, by her own hand, each and every bowl, cup, and plate that comes out of her studio, so that no two pieces are alike. 

Exterior of Manam at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

Napa shares “We are always so happily surprised and in awe of how we have been received each time we’ve opened our doors in different neighborhoods. Most of our Manam shops have had lines for lunch and dinner every day of the week, for nearly 10 years running. And we take this seriously, striving our best to ensure that each door we open serves as good a meal and moment as the last one. I look forward to Manam opening its doors in many more neighborhoods around the Philippines and perhaps even beyond our shores in the times to come. And in doing so, we will share our brand of hospitality and our style of Filipino cooking, as best we can, with as many Filipinos and their guests in this next decade to come.”

Bibingka Bar in Manam at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ Photo courtesy of The Moment Group

Tables can be booked through bit.ly/manamATGreservations or a direct call to the shop’s hotline at (0967)1904721. 

Banner photos courtesy of The Moment Group

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