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Travel bloggers are continuously making waves on the Internet. These social media-savvy individuals serve as your gateway to places you’ve never been to. They make it a point to highlight every aspect unique to the place they visit—the landscape, the people, and the food!

Famous or not, you can also up the quality of your pictures with these blogger-style techniques on how you can snap the best food photos:

1.Bring out the best with natural light

Without noticing it, the sun provides the best light for food shots when traveling. It differs in terms of sharpness and diffusion depending on where you are around the globe. Choose outdoor seating over indoor to make full use of the country’s natural light.

2. Focus and depth-of-field are your new friends

Create focus on the dish utilizing depth of field. While the term in itself sounds so professional, this is just the way things that are farther from your focal point become blurry. Using this technique adds another level of visual interest to your photo.

3. Snap stills like a pro

In this age of curated media, posting the perfect photo is made easier with a camera that picks up color and detail well. The Dual Rear Camera of the Vivo V11 is equipped with Dual Pixel Sensors that have up to 24 million photosensitive units so you can rest assured that every vivid detail of your photos will come out.

With these tips and your imagination, you can capture every beautiful detail of the places you visit from the scenery to the food in one easy click.

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