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The night is full of wonder. There are things that are better appreciated under the light of the moon and stars. The soft light offers dramatic ambiance and striking scenery; together, they make a breathtaking subject for low light mobile photography.

It can be challenging to take clear photos in the dark but here are some tips on how to make the most of the scant lighting during nightfall and take magnificent photos using your phone:

1.Exposure is essential

Proper exposure is vital during night photography. Luckily, it’s not hard to achieve it on your mobile phone. Tap on the subject of your photo on the screen so that your phone’s camera will automatically adjust the exposure. For a more dramatic photo, download an app that lets you adjust your camera’s shutter speed so you can let in more light better exposure.

2. Shine some light

When it’s dark, your phone’s flash makes for a handy extra source of light. However, flash can give off harsh and flat lighting. With the help of a diffuser, you can achieve softer lighting easily. Simply place a piece of tissue or paper over the flash to soften the light, or you can use a color filter to give your photo a different feel.

3. Click the shutter with courage

Mobile phone photography is popular nowadays because of the gadget’s convenience. However, not all mobile phone cameras are created equally. To get the best photos at night, choose a phone that has special features made for the situation. The AI Backlight HDR and Low Light Mode of the Vivo V11 corrects uneven exposures and reduces noise in low light situations so you can take clear photographs at night with a simple point and shoot.

The night has a unique appeal that the light of day cannot provide. Open your eyes up to spectacles that only the evening can offer, and capture them in stunning stills.

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