Big Blue: 6 Photographers Worth Following To Appreciate Our Vast World - Arts & Culture

Don’t worry, this list features both men and women.

Since the past year had us cooped up at home, you may have learned to appreciate the indoors more than ever. But while it’s significant to appreciate what surrounds us daily, it’s also important not to forget how vast the world is. 

If you spend your downtime scrolling on Instagram, you can follow accounts that remind you of the beauty, wildlife, and attractions the world has to offer outside.

Here are six passionate nature photographers that can inspire you to explore the world when it’s completely safe to travel again. From exquisite night photography of the stars to the peaks of the tallest mountains, their posts may even inspire you to start a list of places you’d plan to visit soon.

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Karine Aigner (@kaigner) 

From the Galapagos to Tanzania, Karine Aigner leads photography tours around the globe to document animals in their natural habitats. In addition, she captures the natural landscapes and the people local to the destination she’s visiting.

On her Instagram page of predominantly animals in the wild, you can learn a few things about different species. Check out her “bobcat chronicles” particularly to understand the kinds of posts she does. If you want to learn more about how animals live in their rightful homes instead of captivity, Aigner is worth following. 

Stephen Alvarez (@stevenalvarezphoto) 

As a journalist and photographer for National Geographic, Stephen Alvarez’s role allows him to experience what only a handful of people can. The nature magazine has sent him from the highest peaks in the Andes to the deepest depths in Krubera Cave. 

Alvarez documents his unique adventures on his Instagram page and shares photos of ancient art. For a more in-depth collection of ancient art archives, you can also visit his account dedicated to early history, @ancientartarchive. 

Nicco Valenzuela (@niccovalenzuala) 

For nature images in the Philippines, Nicco Valenzuela snaps shots from the mountain peaks of Tila Pilon Hills, campsites in Rizal, and above the clouds in Mt. Pulag, Benguet.

Beyond landscape and nature photography, Valenzuela also captures architecture with a contemporary aesthetic. You can follow Valenzuela if you’re interested in seeing Metro Manila’s cityscape from a new perspective. In addition, if you want to get into photography yourself, you can visit his YouTube channel, which provides “a different take on photography.”

Kahil April (@kahilaprilphoto) 

The landscape, travel, and astronomy photographer travels the world from her native Canada to capture the majestic outdoors. As she’s from the Rockies, you can expect many mountain range photos from the base to the peak, during dusk and dawn. 

For astronomy images, April takes trips to Iceland, Alberta, and different national parks to take shots of the sky in its unexpected hues. 

Babak Tafreshi (@babaktafreshi)

Many photographers utilize natural sunlight to highlight nature’s attractions. However, to capture our world in the nighttime requires a whole other skill set to capture the earth when the sun goes down. Babak Tafreshi is a National Geographic photographer that can do just that. On Tafreshi’s Instagram page, you’ll find time-lapses of riveting thunderstorms, volcano eruptions, and moon rises. 

Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinki) 

Keith Ladzinski’s passion for producing nature images roots from his dedication to “documenting an ever-changing planet.” His photography work focuses on climate change, wild animals, natural history, and extreme sports. You can follow Ladinski’s Instagram page for integrated content of all things nature from the viewpoint of someone passionate about our planet.

Banner photo from @kahliaprilphoto on Instagram.

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