A Fairytale Romance: No Distance Is Too Great for This Couple - Weddings

David Rainey and Glaiza de Castro find their way to each other, no matter where they are.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s March 2023 Issue.

A chance meeting in Siargao and a mutual love for music are what it took to bring Glaiza de Castro and David Rainey together. Their unwavering commitment stands the test of time and distance. Even when miles apart, they made the relationship work, proving that love truly knows no bounds.

David Rainey and Glaiza de Castro
Glaiza de Castro and David Rainey

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While on a birthday beach trip with her friends, Glaiza took notice of a man playing a Primal Scream song. David was in Siargao for only three weeks for a surf trip. Little did he know he would meet the love of his life right there and then.

Glaiza de Castro at her wedding
David Rainey and Glaiza de Castro Wedding

Fast forward a couple years later, Glaiza and David have now been together for five years and have tied the knot not
once, but twice. Glaiza recalls the day David proposed to her while they were in Ireland. It was a cold morning, right at sunrise, and David suggested they should go out for a breakfast picnic.

David Rainey at his wedding

He took Glaiza to a local surf spot with a 360-degree view of the ocean. “The ocean is so special to us so this was
perfect,” Glaiza tells Lifestyle Asia. The night before, David had already prepared the spot with fairy lights in a
cave nearby and champagne to celebrate the joyous occasion.

David Rainey and Glaiza de Castro Wedding

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