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Don’t know where to start on your Christmas shopping? Here’s somewhere you can start.

We’re just a few weeks away from Christmas, and many of us are starting to plan our holiday purchases. With more attention being placed on the home in the last two years, we imagine many of those buys would be for our own loving abodes.

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If you aren’t sure where to start, we suggest looking within our shores first. After all our own craftsmanship and design point-of-view is on par with what the best can offer. Here are eight local artisanal brands that can make your spaces a bit more special.

Artelano 11

The brainchild of designer Eric Paras, Artelano 11 has become a chic catch-all of all things eclectic. In the realm of homestyle, the brand offers a bevy of items that give an unexpected twist to the traditional.

Although many of the home pieces reflect Paras’ love for Bauhaus and Art Deco, plenty of them are carefully made by Filipino artists who imbue each piece with their own local flair.

Prizmic & Brill

Over its 25-year existence, Philippine-based Prizmic & Brill has become a master at manufacturing luxurious home items out of exotic materials.

With a specialization in genuine leather, handmade hardware, and indigenous abaca and rattan, this design house has been known to create stunning collections that call to mind romantic adventures of history’s most memorable eras.

Travelfund by Siriusdan

Renaissance man Cyrus Dan Canares is the artist behind the colorful and worldly Travelfund. Described as a contemporary brand for people with an offbeat style, it was born out of Canares’ love for travel and furniture.

Purma Ottoman Trunk, P27,109

Each of the brand’s pieces begins its transformation first as a vintage piece which the artist then restores. From there, using a combination of genuine textiles from the Philippines and across the globe, Canares finishes each item with unique hand painted designs. Designed and created in limited quantities, no two items are ever alike.

Jed Yabut Furniture & Design

Carrie Fisher once said, “take your broken heart and turn it into art”. Which is exactly what designer Jed Yabut did as his life got upturned by the pandemic.

A graduate of architecture, Yabut took his long-held appreciation for local design and forged a furniture studio that’s reimagining how local materials can be utilized and transformed. As an homage to his love for local design culture, each of Yabut’s pieces are aptly given a Filipino name that hints at their unique inspirations.

House of Ugu

The Philippines has long been renowned for exquisite pottery, and House of Ugu does this reputation justice. Helmed by master potter Augusto “Ugu” Bigyan, this local kiln and pottery studio offers a wide variety of handmade pieces by the artist himself.

Escolta Dinner Plate Set, P2,500

From wind chimes to dinnerware, planters and more, each ceramic item is akin to a work of art and comes with a certificate of authenticity in respect of its heritage and value.

Thomas & George

In the Philippine luxury furnishings scene, Thomas & George is widely regarded as one of the innovators of contemporary home pieces. With a team of highly skilled Filipino woodworkers, leather workers, and artists, this design house creates pieces that are unapologetically indulgent and unwaveringly striking.

Named after Sir Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite, two of the 18th Century’s most renowned furniture designers and cabinet makers, Thomas & George is helmed by Furniture Designer Lara K. Sarmiento. Lara’s work is a blend of East-West, traditional and modern influences derived from her travels and life experiences, resulting in her own personal artistic style.

Manang PH

Hailing the Queen of the South, Cebu-based Manang PH is continuing the city’s tradition of fine furniture and craftsmanship. Led by respect for the environment and the natural curves and personalities of local materials, each Manang PH item is handmade using sustainably sourced elements.

Large Capiz Tray Table, P3,650

Dedicated to giving a fresh yet authentic flair to traditional Filipino home pieces, this design manufacturing studio has gorgeous functional items for every style and price point.

Philippine Treasures

Baguio holds a special place in the Filipino heart. The land of  strawberries, natural parks, and many of the country’s most creative minds, Bagiuo is also home to the lifestyle brand Philippine Treasures.

With a specialization in creating sustainable heirloom Christmas items, Philippine Treasures mindfully uses recycled and ethically-sourced materials which in the hands of their skilled artisans become timeless holiday keepsakes.

All of these brands are housed under the e-commerce platform ITOOH Homestyle, whose mission is to discover well-made pieces for the home across the archipelago. For more info, visit or call Jules Veloso at 0905-524-4353.

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