The Rise of Quiet Outdoor Fashion

Stepping away from quiet luxury, outdoor fashion is adopting a relaxed “quiet outdoor” trend, reshaping style with a touch of nature.

In a post quiet luxury era, the outdoor apparel and footwear industry is gearing up for a potential shift towards a more subdued, “quiet outdoor” fashion trend, as per Prestige.

As the lines blur between style and utility, competition is set to intensify across price points and categories in 2024.

According to Forbes, the enduring impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in consumer interest in healthier lifestyles and nature-focused activities. This surge has propelled outdoor sports and activities to new heights.

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Photo via Jil Sander’s official website

Quiet Luxury’s Successor

According to Dscene, the trend is evident globally, with notable increases in outdoor participation reported in the US, UK, and China.

This surge has been a boon for outdoor sportswear brands. Particularly, those riding the wave of the ‘gorpcore’ trend—a fusion of functional, outdoors-inspired fashion, according to Cosmopolitan.

As the gorpcore trend cools, brands are expected to embrace a more toned-down and casual “quiet outdoor” aesthetic. 

Photo via Jil Sander’s official website

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As per Business of Fashion, this shift is influenced by the changing consumer landscape, where people seek a balance between outdoor functionality and everyday style. 

Outdoor wear is no longer confined to niche markets; it’s becoming a mainstream fashion choice.

Collaborations between luxury brands like The North Face and Gucci have elevated the status of outdoor fashion. 

Similarly, partnerships between outdoor labels and fashion houses like On and Loewe have contributed to this elevation.

Photo via Loewe’s official website

Outdoor Fashion’s Time to Shine

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have further popularized the fusion of high luxury and outdoor wear, as per Prestige. Rihanna even sported Salomon kicks to the Super Bowl, as per Prestige.

Looking ahead, brands are expected to strengthen the connection between style and utility. 

Lifestyle brands are investing more in outdoor aesthetics, while outdoor brands are targeting fashion-focused consumers. 

This convergence may lead outdoor specialists to align their products more closely with everyday lifestyles.

As per Business of Fashion, luxury brands, from Dior to Burberry, are transitioning from one-off outdoor collections to permanent lines. 

Photo via Burberry’s official website

Outdoor labels are reciprocating by adopting luxury strategies, such as opening high-profile stores and pop-up experiences. 

However, with the gorpcore trend fading, brands face the challenge of evolving their outdoor offerings. 

Predictions point to the rising popularity of “Quiet Outdoor” styles, showcasing elevated garments with minimal logos and technical fabrics.

For outdoor brands eyeing the fashion market, embracing a quieter aesthetic may hold the key. 

Fresh Air, Fresh Wear

Photo via Burberry’s official website

“Quiet Outdoor” elegance is changing outdoor fashion. As the industry adapts to what consumers like, it puts the mix of style and usefulness front and center. 

High-end collaborations and the rise of simpler styles aren’t just trends but a new way of living. 

Whether you’re climbing mountains or walking city streets, embrace the versatile charm of “Quiet Outdoor” and step into a world where nature and fashion coexist gracefully. 

This change brings together chic fashion and the great outdoors in a simple and easy-to-follow shift!

Banner photo via Burberry’s official website.

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