Is Airbnb Premium a Better Option Than Your Favorite Hotel?

With the ongoing debate on the best type of lodging, it’s only essential to explore the high grounds of Airbnbs and hotels

Travelers are all about finding the best hotel to stay in. Who wouldn’t want to experience the greatest comfort and impressive service as you explore your dream destination? From indoor pools in the privacy of your own villa to outdoor dining facing the pristine wilderness, hotels have certainly heightened competition within the hospitality industry. Now, a new generation of travelers is faced with another choice in booking lodges: Airbnbs. With the latest upgrades like Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Beyond, more travelers are preferring to rent them out while others remain in the comforts of the familiar hotel. So what actually goes on in this debate? Is it better to stay in an Airbnb or a hotel?

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Rosewood Luang Prabang hotel in Laos. (Photo from Remote Islands)
Aman Venice. (Photo from Uniqhotels)

The ongoing debate

Comfort and great service are essential to the choice of place to stay. Those unfamiliar with Airbnbs choose hotels for its 24/7 service and location as these are usually situated near the best tourist spots. More often than not, you wouldn’t have to ride a cab or book private vans that take you an hour or so to get to the place you want to visit. If you forgot to pack essentials like toiletries or maybe even an adapter, you can easily ask hotels for them. Remember that time you couldn’t sleep and were craving for treats or desserts? You only phoned the hotel kitchen and minutes later, the staff comes ringing your door to serve your midnight cravings. Hotels offer you luxury, convenience, and more. They make things easier so you have more time to explore destinations.

What about Airbnbs? They first came to inception back in 2008, properties of hosts that they rent out usually to travelers. These can be condo units, villas, cabins, and houses. Two years ago, Airbnb introduced a hotel-like service, Airbnb Plus. The new concept reviews hosts’ properties with a 100-point quality checklist. Cooking equipment, stocked toiletries, and similar are part of the list. When the property gets a 4.8-star rating or higher, it becomes a premium lodge. With the new update, Airbnbs are indeed cementing themselves as true competitors of luxury hotels.

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Airbnb Plus Retro New York-inspired Urban Loft in Greenbelt. (Photo from Airbnb)
Airbnb Plus Executive Villa in Tagaytay. (Photo from Airbnb)

The local experience

Airbnb with ‘Plus’ badges have high-quality facilities, interiors, and equipment. Each boasts of their personal character through the well-thought designs. From tropical paradise villas by the beachside to cozy and elegant teahouses, you can find a lodge that can live up to your fantasies.

These Airbnb Plus destinations also have well-maintained and fully-functioning kitchen equipment, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. With an entire house or a villa to yourselves, you have more freedom to cook your own meals and dine wherever you want, all the while strengthening relationships with family or friends.

Some travelers may also prefer an authentic experience on their trips, and this is what differentiates hotels from Airbnbs. Through the ‘localized’ homes, travelers can get to know the locals and their culture. There is much room to freely immerse in the destination and have your own refuge back home. While you may have encountered comments on the service of Airbnbs, the ‘Plus’ ones have certified the service, especially the responsiveness of its hosts. When you check listings on the platform, those branded ‘Superhosts’ already met the high standards and ratings of Airbnb. Thus, you can be assured the properties of Superhosts offer top-quality guest experience.

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New Brawah Villa near Finn Beach Club in Bali.

The better option

Both Airbnb Plus and hotels have their respective offers that can suit your preferences and needs. Yet choosing which is the better option for your lodging all relies on the nature of your trip. If you prefer an all-day service and familiarity with the destination, then the hotel is your best choice. If you opt for a local adventure without sacrificing comforts, then book an Airbnb Premium for that one-of-a-kind travel experience.

5 premium Airbnbs around the world

There is a multitude of Airbnb Premium listings around the world that can are on par with your favorite hotel. In fact, the home-sharing platform developed to be more massive than large hotel groups like Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International. You can certainly find lodging that will suit your fantasies.

See below for these sophisticated and one-of-a-kind Airbnbs.

La Bella Palermo Home Museum in Palermo featuring 5 beds and 2 baths. A dozen of artifacts, fine artworks, and ornate furnishings fill this entire home.
Open-plan Home in Hollywood Hills featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The private deck offers a stunning view of the city below.
Exclusive Suite in Madrid featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The magnificent suite combines antique furniture and renowned artworks of masters.
180-degree Views from Atlantic Dream House in Camps Bay featuring 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Guests can wake up to the pristine view of mountains and oceans in this sophisticated indoor and outdoor living home.
Rooftop BBQs Apartment featuring 7 bedrooms and 7.5 baths. Guests can have their private BBQ session in this plant-filled terrace with views of a trendy neighborhood.

Photos from Airbnb Plus.

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