You Can Now Fly To Your Destination With a Private Fleet

Elevate your travel experience with impressive private jet charter services

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Every frequent flyer is aware of the woes and challenges of traveling. Whether for a business trip or a vacation, you are familiar with the befuddled state you get from the discomfort of the journey, especially in a commercial flight.

Recall your business trip to New York, where a direct flight alone can take almost 16 hours. Yet this does not include the time you spent to check-in your luggage, board the plane, and claim your baggage upon arrival. How about your vacation trip to Coron, Palawan? Remember the time you spent in a plane, in an hour-long boat ride, to another long ride in a van before arriving in your hotel? Certainly, the weariness from your journey had to take time to settle and thus, completely reducing your day for work or to enjoy your vacation.

Thankfully, private aircraft like jets and helicopters have become available to make your journey shorter and free from any discomfort and delays. The charter service will provide and handle everything from the impressive crew service, landing fees, ground transport, to hotel charges for overnight trips. There are different options for fleets for every private jet charter service. You can take jets that fit 10, 14, or 30 people or in a smaller group with 4 or 5 people, perfect for families. The cost all depends on the destination, distance, type of jet, and travel time. It typically ranges from $1,500 to $15,000 every hour. Nonetheless, no matter the nature of your trip, taking private jets undoubtedly makes your travel easier and comfortable.

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Business Trips in the US

For business trips, it is crucial to have flexible airline tickets. After all, sudden meetings and conferences can sometimes call for last-minute flights. Whether you are holding a large business trip to any state in the U.S. like Washington and Los Angeles, a suitable aircraft that fits anywhere between 10 to 30 people is readily available. For a three-day business trip from Manila to New York, you can take a Heavy Jet for 14 people with 2 fuel stops or a VIP Airliner for 30 people with 2 fuel stops. The travel time takes almost 16 hours but you would be traveling within the comforts of a private space. You and your colleagues can still work on projects even while high up in the air.

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Tours in Europe and Asia

While there are helicopter tours within the country that offer the best sightseeing trip, a private jet to cross borders is always a genuinely wonderful experience. PrinceJets is among the private jet charter service with different flights to over 34 destinations in Europe like London, Vienna, and Madrid and 46 in Asia like Bangkok, Delhi, and Tokyo. The cost already includes services like handling fees, ground transport, airport parking, and hotel charges for your overnight trips.

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Domestic Travel

A trip to the country’s stunning tropical destinations surprisingly takes not much time and saves you from various vehicle transfers. You can reduce your four to five-hour travel time to El Nido or Puerto Princesa to as short as three hours. The service costs between P75,900 to P188,900 for a one-way trip for five. The prices would reach up to P200,000 and beyond for overnight trips using bigger fleets like Airbus that fit eight people. If you simply prefer to ride a helicopter for drop off or pick up say, in Balesin, it can cost almost P105,000 for three people.

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City and Cultural Tours

Beyond international trips, you can have foreign VIP guests tour within Manila’s cities and heritage sites. A business trip to Clark can cost between P81,000 for three to P123,000 for five, while a helicopter ride can reach almost P56,000 for five people. AirTaxi PH is among the private jet and helicopter charter service provider in the country. Their aerial tour that includes Fort BGC, Makati, and Manila Bay costs between P33,900 and P84,900. They also have a Cultural Tour that includes Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and Corregidor Island. It costs between P83,900 and P133,900 for seven people.

With the exclusivity and impressive service of taking private aircraft fleets, you will certainly make your travel easier, comfortable, and memorable.

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