4 Private Jets For Our Furry Friends

These four private jets aren’t exclusively for humans. Discover the paw-sitive impact of traveling with pets!

Pets, our furry companions, hold an irresistible place in our hearts, and we’re always striving to take them on thrilling adventures. 

From parks to malls, even over to your dad’s house where a ‘no dogs’ policy turned into a heartwarming pet bonding story–we’re all in for pet escapades. 

Now, as we envision traveling in the year 2023, it’s not just a dream but a reality to journey with our pets on private jets. Yep, it’s rhyme time for the jet-set pet!

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Sky Companions

It’s no secret that 95 percent of pet owners consider their pets as bonafide family members. 

These delightful four-legged creatures don’t just bring love and joy; they’ve got a wellness boost up their furry sleeves. 

Jimmy Im, the Travelbinger expert, shows that including pets in travel surprisingly boosts our mental health.

Anna Haddad from OneYogaHouse adds that traveling with pets encourages us to take a break from technology and embrace mindfulness. 

Just like kids, puppies prompt us to stay engaged in their cute adventures.

So, drumroll, please – let’s introduce you to the pet-friendly private jets that’ll make both you and your pets cheer!


NetJets knows a secret: pets are family too. 

Their flights are tailor-made to pamper pets like royalty. In this jet paradise, gourmet isn’t just for humans. 

Chat with their Owner Services Team, and you can organize a feast for your furball. 

Fancy a special treat or a Blue Buffalo meal? Let them in on your pet’s preferences!

Private Jet Charter

With over 30 years of pet-hauling expertise, Private Jet Charter has got the furry flight game down pat. 

From cats and dogs to feathery pals and reptilian companions, they’ve seen it all. 

Here’s the catch: your pet’s got flight jitters? Calmed right down by your comforting company in their high-flying haven.

No cargo holds, just cozy cabin cuddles.

Hold on, they’ve got a checklist! 

Pet passport, check. Valid vaccinations, check. Microchip documentation, check. Fit-for-travel animal health certificate, check! 

No travel stress here; their 24/7 advisory squad hooks you up with the best private jet options, worry-free.

Oh, and have you seen those adorable dogs lapping up luxury on private jets? Adorable overload!

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K9 Jets

No furry family left behind, no cargo travel, ever! 

They let your pets be your in-cabin co-pilots, not cargo passengers. 

Just like booking your seat, reserve one for your furry sidekick with a fixed price tag. Wire or card, pick your payment preference.

Guess what? No cages for dogs! 

K9 Jets takes ‘lapdog’ to a new level. Cats stick to their cozy carriers, and hey, no tedious customs lines. 

They even throw in a free bar and snacks. Maximum two pets per seat, and they’ve got size categories all sorted.


Luna Jets: experts in pet globe-trotting. 

Dogs, cats, even birds, hamsters, and snakes–they’ve seen it all. 

The magic of flying private? Your pet’s right beside you, not in the luggage maze. 

No stress, no wondering where, and no going alone. Travel is all about being together.

And that’s not all–personalization brings joy! While some might be surprised by pets on board, LunaJets’ expert team has excelled in flying pets worldwide.

You can relax knowing your pet is safe, and they’ll pick the perfect plane for you. Peace of mind comes with every pet-friendly flight.

And guess what? LunaJets overcomes restrictions. Safety is their priority, and you don’t need to worry about paperwork – they handle your pet’s travel needs.

Lastly, flying in style! Comfort reigns supreme when your pet lounges in your cabin. No lonely cargo space – just a relaxed, familiar space. 

Your presence soothes their skies, and the flight ends on a cozy note.

Pet Ventures

In a nutshell, 2023 isn’t just about catching flights; it’s about taking sky-high leaps with your furry confidant. 

From NetJets’ gourmet pet treats to LunaJets’ worldwide pet savvy flights–consider this year your pet’s first-class ticket to jet-set stardom!

Banner photo by Agatha Romero via LunaJets’ official website.

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