Paw-some Retreats: 5 Most Lavish Pet Hotels In The World

From gourmet treats to private gardens, here are five luxury pet hotels that offer the finest facilities, amenities, and experiences for cats and dogs. 

Many pet owners can agree that their four-legged companions deserve only the best of the best. From top-of-the-line food to cozy beds, pet parents will go above and beyond to ensure their fur babies are happy and comfortable. Some go as far as offering them luxury pet hotel experiences. After all, why not? Lifestyle Asia has covered plenty of lavish accommodations for humans, but there are also a number of opulent hotels for cats and dogs. 

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Of course, it’s important to note that every animal is unique. Some pets may respond differently when left in a hotel, especially if they’re not comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings without their owners. As such, it’s pertinent to have furry friends checked and assessed before booking a stay at any boarding facility. 

However, once owners have cleared and settled those concerns, it does help to select a hotel that offers the best care and services. Peace of mind—for both owners and their four-legged companions—is paramount, and many acclaimed pet hotels understand this. 

On that note, below are five of the world’s most luxurious pet accommodations, which are sure to offer indulgent and relaxing stays to furry friends of all shapes and sizes: 

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp, United States

“We treat your pets like family” is the motto of The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp. This couldn’t be more true, as the accommodation offers excellent service with a commitment to giving every cat and dog an enjoyable stay. Numerous media outlets like Oprah Magazine and Fox News have featured the top-tier pet hotel, and for good reason. 

Barkley's Luxury Suite
A scenic view from The Barkley’s Luxury Suite/Photo from The Barkley Hotel website

The Barkley is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and offers dog boarding, cat boarding, grooming services, and a day camp program. The hotel boasts “homelike amenities and recreational activity” to ensure the safety and comfort of every furry friend. 

Discerning dog owners can book a stay for their fur babies in any of the hotel’s seven types of suites, which all provide utmost comfort. The Large Luxury Suite is the most premium offer, and comes with a twin size bed with pillows, a Murphy bed, soft plush rug, dog stairs, a pet cam, glass doors with a poolside view, and a climate-controlled environment. 

Barkley Steak
A “Barkley Steak” served on a gold platter/Photo via Instagram @barkleycleveland

The hotel also offers “cat condominiums” with multiple levels for play, quality bedding, an air purification system, private litter box area, and even a beautiful fish tank for entertainment. 

Regardless of what accommodation or services fur parents avail of, The Barkley guarantees that their fur babies will receive plenty of tender love and care throughout their stay. 

Barkley Pool
Pool time fun at The Barkley/Photo via Instagram @barkleycleveland

The hotel’s website writes: “Our trained and caring animal care professionals are the ‘best in the business’ and carry an impeccable and trustworthy track record of over 500,000 safe and satisfied appointments.”

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, United Kingdom

Cat owners can treat their beloved felines to an indulgent stay at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel in Dewsbury, United Kingdom. The five-star cattery is one of the best in pet hospitality. The accommodation’s design is based on research and advice from esteemed veterinary experts, cat owners, and animal welfare organizations to ensure that it offers the finest feline care. 

Badger Suite of Ings Luxury Cat Hotel
At the Badger Suite of Ings Luxury Cat Hotel/Photo via Instagram @theingsluxurycathotel

Their facilities feature under-floor heating, cozy log fires, proper insulation, and sufficient shade so cats can stay comfortable no matter the season. “Family-sized” or larger suites even offer panoramic woodland and garden views. The Ing’s “Tower Suites” are perfect for the active feline, as they have bespoke, nine-foot climbing trees for maximum fun. 

Cat parents can rest easy, as the hotel’s security includes a ring fence, CCTV, and automated security gates for 24/7 safety and protection. 

Badger Suite of Ings Luxury Cat Hotel
Plenty of comfy spots at the hotel including bespoke climbing trees/Photo via Instagram @theingsluxurycathotel

The hotel offers welcome treats and gift bags, room service, virtual firefly cat entertainers, premium treats and food, flat screen TVs, and all kinds of toys and custom nooks for proper stimulation. 

The Ing even gives cat owners a chance to further upgrade their feline’s stay with an “A La Carte” fine dining package. These treats include fresh seafood platters, hearty liver stew, and yes, even a high tea set—complete with creamy, lactose-free milk served in a bone china teapot. 

Fine Dining Badger Suite of Ings Luxury Cat Hotel
Fine dining at the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel/Photo via Instagram @theingsluxurycathotel

Canis Resort, Germany

Another top pet hotel is Canis Resort in Freising, Germany (just a little off of Munich). The accommodation specializes in canine care, offering a cozy ambiance and personalized stays to keep every dog happy and comfortable. 

Canis Resort lodge
A lodge at the Canis Resort/Photo via Instagram @canisresort

The hotel comes with Dog Lodges designed by architect Helgo von Meier and garden architect Andreas Kicherer. Lodges comes with individual gardens, surrounded by invisible steel netting mesh for maximum safety. Each lodge only accommodates a maximum of five dogs; the hotel’s expert dog sitters create assignments based on individual needs and characteristics like  age, size, breed, sex, and temperament. However, owners may also opt to book an entire lodge solely for their precious fur baby. 

Canis Resort
Dogs get plenty of playtime in the resort’s spacious gardens/Photo via Instagram @canisresort

The interiors of these lodges are lined with anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic blankets. Sitting and lounging areas feature non-slip decking to provide a secure grip for canine paws. What’s more, every lodge comes with individual “houses” with personal beds. 

Canis Resort
Luxe lodgings at the Canis Resort/Photo via Instagram @canisresort

Canines can choose to play in the hotel’s specially-designed garden with other guests and watchful caretakers. A three-meter high hedge keeps dogs secured, and all trees and grasses were selected for optimal ambiance during play sessions. 

Urban Tails Pet Resort, United Arab Emirates 

Finally, there’s the Irish-owned Urban Tails Pet Resort located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Every stay at the premium accommodation comes with pool access, 24/7 personalized care, pet cameras, daily welfare checks, supervised socialization sessions, and safe climate-controlled facilities. 

Urban Tails Pet Resort
Dogs are given plenty of space and time for fun play sessions/Photo via Instagram @urbantailsdubai

The hotel offers cat boarding, dog boarding, doggie daycare, and a slew of enrichment activities for pets. Felines are given their own “village” complete with calming, ambient music and plenty of toys for proper stimulation. Scratch posts, a comfy sleepy pod, and a private ‘en-suite’ litter box are also included in these deluxe lodgings. 

Urban Tails Pet Resort Cat
The cat “village” in Urban Tails Pet Resort/Photo via Instagram @urbantailsdubai
Urban Tails Pet Resort Cat
The resort’s cattery has plenty of toys and other stimulating nooks for felines/Photo via Instagram @urbantailsdubai

As for dogs, the hotel provides spacious suites with cozy amenities. For example, the Urban Suites come with plasma TVs and pet cameras for added peace of mind. Stays include quality dog food and plenty of play sessions during the day, so canines can cap it off feeling satisfied and adequately exercised. Air-conditioned play areas and a shaded garden with two ground pools are among the facilities provided. Dogs who stay for four nights or more also get a complimentary spa treatment upon check-out. 

Urban Tails Pet Resort
Plenty of fun daytime activities await guests at Urban Tails Pet Resort/Photo via Instagram @urbantailsdubai

“The number of loyal customers and regular guests, along with the excellent reputation that Urban Tails has maintained over the last few years, is testament to the quality of service that every guest receives,” writes the resort’s official website

Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel, Hong Kong

The Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel is the very first in Hong Kong to earn a ISO 9001: 2008 certification—guaranteeing quality service unlike any other. This is apparent the moment one steps into the establishment’s plush and posh lobby lined with pet supplies. 

Grant Dogaroo's Teeny Pet bakery
A satisfied customer at the Grand Dogaroo’s Teeny Pet Bakery/Photo from the Dogaroo Group Facebook

The hotel is located in Mong Kok’s Waterloo Road, and features a range of luxe amenities and services like grooming and a line of canine cupcakes. Measuring 8,000 square feet, the accommodation can hold up to 50 dogs and cats, as per the South China Morning Post

Pets not only receive cozy lodgings, but also plenty of attention. Eric Ko Yiu-chung, the Dogaroo Group’s executive director, is also an Australian-certified dog trainer, so he has an intimate understanding of what canines need to stay stress-free and healthy. 

Grand Dogaroo
Guests are treated with utmost care at the Grand Dogaroo/Photo from the Dogaroo Group Facebook

The hotel ensures that trained staff give pets plenty of affection and play time with proper supervision. Pet owners also receive regular updates and pictures of their beloved fur babies for extra peace of mind. 

Grand Dogaroo
Guests at the Grand Dogaroo are treated to daily swimming sessions in their heated pool/Photo from the Pet-A-Hood website

Perhaps the most defining feature of Grand Dogaroo is its heated pool, where experienced trainers exercise canine guests daily. The hotel also infused the pool with ozone to kill bacteria, remove unpleasant odors, and prevent skin diseases. 

“Swimming helps release their energy, tires them out and helps firm their joints and muscles. It’s good for older dogs and ones suffering from arthritis,” shared Ko to the South China Morning Post

Banner photo via Instagram @theingsluxurycathotel.

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