Aivee Clinic Launches New Revolutionary Body Slimming Technology

Summer is fast approaching and vacation plans are filling up personal calendars for this season. Most of these are all about lounging by the pool or spending a day at the seaside in the toasty weather.

Many, especially women, look forward to these trips so they do preparations like shopping for the latest swimwear. Some go as far as changing their diet to show off skin in colorful summer pieces.

For Aivee Clinic, they know there is no need for sudden diet changes. They have developed the latest non-invasive treatment to contour and shape the body.

To present the clinic’s latest technology Onda Coolwaves, Aivee Clinic hosted an exclusive gathering with key people like Karen Davila and Cat Arambulo.

Aivee Clinic CEO Dr. Z Teo with the President and Medical Director Dr. Aivee Teo at the Onda Coolwaves Launch. (Photograph by Magic Liwanag)
Marga Tupaz, Bianca Salonga, Cat Arambulo, Chinky Apostol, Kim Palanca, and Grace Baja. (Photograph by Magic Liwanag)
Karen Davila. (Photograph by Magic Liwanag)
Marie Lozano and Cat Arambulo. (Photograph by Magic Liwanag)

The bright smiles and pleasant conversations of the guests filled the launch of the newest technology. They marveled at how it is possible to achieve the body they desire without undergoing painful procedures.

The Wonders of the Onda Coolwaves

Onda hand pieces to contour and shape different parts of the body. (Photograph from Aivee Clinic)

Officially distributed by Creative Skin and exclusively available at the Slimming Lab of the A Institute, Onda Coolwaves is a specially designed smart handpiece that reduces body fat. It helps in firming and toning the body as an effect of collagen production.

Onda technology reduces cellulite from the body. (Photograph from Aivee Clinic)

Unlike other body slimming technology, Onda Coolwaves gives off a cool and soothing sensation on the skin. Clients can relax and enjoy the treatment as the hand pieces heat off the unwanted fat and cellulites from the body.

Onda Coolwaves is certainly changing the industry with its revolutionary technology that lets people love their bodies more and enjoy showing it off in their trips to the beach.

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