An App That Makes Shopping for Groceries Easy and Convenient

One of the changes this pandemic has brought us is that it has been a catalyst for digital transformation and technological advancement. Many companies, small and large, used this time to improve and elevate their services to reach and serve customers more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it also gave way to new businesses to be conceived that are based on digital platforms. 

Whilst different online businesses sprouted during this time, only a few will flourish, only those who focus on customer needs and satisfaction. More and more customers have become digitally attached, and with this reliance on technology, convenience is of utmost priority.

Coop Grocer is one of the revolutionary digital applications that was launched during these unprecedented times. Having personally experienced their on-line service, I can say that it is one of the most astounding online shopping sites out there. It was actually addicting. Just download the app and pick and choose from a wide variety of goods to choose from.

With a wide selection of goods, Coop Grocer makes shopping easy and convenient.

One-stop Shop

I was quite surprised by the variety of categories and products at Coop Grocer. From different cuts and parts of meat, poultry, seafood, a wide range of dairy products and brands, ready-made food from Mamou, Spanish chorizos and hams, Japanese and Chinese dimsum, potatoes, the widest range of medicine, and an impressive range of fresh produced. They also have a gift category, which includes chocolates and baked goods from Eric Kayser and harlan + holden. The baked goods are to die for. Everything I want is here, from my fave Eric Kayser ube croissant to English muffins for my Eggs Benedict. I need not mention, that the home and pantry items are quite complete as well. Other categories include indulgent products from ice cream to your favorite units, work from home items, self-care and health, a wide range of Korean and other Asian products, and surprisingly, a large variety of over-the-counter medicines and even prescription magazines. 

Every week that I look into the Coop Grocer app, there is always something new. The team is continuously working to keep the assortment current and expanding the variety of products we can buy.

Delectable items from Eric Kayser and harlan + holden.

Focus on Fresh

Coop Grocer boasts of the freshest and quality products. They have affordable quality products for everyday meals. I also love that they have their own Coop Fresh all-natural brand of produce. No growth hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides, and non-GMO. I love it that they have avocado, which is a fave of mine, blueberries, and Benguet King Jumbo strawberries!

Expect fresh produce from Coop Grocer.

Efficient and Ultimately Convenient

Their real-time inventory management systems allow customers not to get disappointed. Since inventory is updated in real-time, there is no chance that an item you are about to order is out-of-stock. Their goal is to eliminate out-of-stock situations and substitutions preventing dissatisfied customers. So what you order is what you get!

In terms of delivery, there are no cut-offs and no delivery windows. Place the orders before midnight and you will get your orders the next day.

Every item on the list is sure to be delivered.

World-class Service

I don’t take this compliment lightly. Being world-class is something that every organization should aspire for. It’s hard as standards are constantly being raised. But I must say that the Coop Grocer app is end-to-end undeniably world-class. From its minimalist and modern look, simple and easy app navigation, wide range of products, and outstanding customer service. The best app for those people with busy and active lifestyles and are hands-on. Another notable thing is the customer service. They will message in Viber for your delivery details and you will constantly get updated with your orders. Their customer service is quite responsive too, it is not like it’s a computer answering the chat.

What more can you ask for? It’s a perfect customer-centric app that every business and developer should aspire for. Well done Mr. Emman Pineda! Salute!

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