Here's How to Tap into a Charmed Life

There’s nothing like a vacation or a culinary adventure to enrich your life. With EastWest Pay, they become conveniently accessible with just a few taps on your NFC-capable Android device

Look closely and you’ll find that escapism is everywhere. Ads often showcase long-limbed models carrying a coveted handbag, oozing main-character energy. Films and day-in-the-life vlogs by YouTubers make it nearly impossible to watch without daydreaming about your next getaway. While these are tried-and-true ways to escape from daily routine, they offer half-baked relief that are not quite satisfying nor so exciting.

While luxury purchases like bags and perfumes can give you a momentary sense of self, there’s nothing like a vacation or a culinary adventure to truly discover yourself along the way. Such activities feel more personalized and tailored, allowing you to choose the places you want to explore and plan your itinerary. When done well, they leave you with a catalog of memories that stay much longer than any material thing can.

To help you tap into true escapism, EastWest introduces EastWest Pay, a new mobile banking app designed to make transactions during your trips and dining encounters completely seamless.  A first in the country, the EastWest Pay app revolutionizes mobile transactions for EastWest Visa credit cardholders.

Going cardless

There’s no need to present your physical card during transactions, making them not just cashless but also cardless

EastWest Pay allows EastWest Visa credit cardholders to make contactless payments at merchant terminals using their NFC-capable Android devices instead of physical credit cards. This is particularly advantageous for those with multiple EastWest Visa credit cards, such as Infinite, Platinum, Gold, and Classic, since there’s no limit to the number of cards you can enroll.

With each transaction, you have the flexibility to select which card to use. Since your credit card credentials are already registered in the EastWest Pay app, there’s no need to present your physical card during transactions, making them not just cashless but also cardless.

Convenient and easy to use

Aside from its swift transaction capabilities, EastWest Pay provides a host of features for your convenience

Once you’ve selected the EastWest Visa credit card you want to use, proceed by tapping the “tap to pay” button. Place your smartphone close to the merchant’s terminal, and once it’s accepted, your payment is successfully processed.

In addition to its swift transaction capabilities, the EastWest Pay app provides a host of features for your convenience like granting instant access to essential information required for smooth e-commerce transactions. For instance, if you’re booking a hotel stay but can’t recall how much credit you have, the EastWest Pay app will display the available balance of your account for you to check before tapping to pay. You can also review a detailed transaction history while on the app.

Moreover, for enhanced security and peace of mind, EastWest Pay allows you to temporarily lock or unlock your card at any time. The app also embraces tokenization, a method involving the replacement of credit card numbers with secure 16-digit tokens utilizing Visa’s encryption technology. This ensures that confidential information like credit card numbers are protected and are never transmitted when conducting in-store transactions with merchants.

Experience a new level of convenience and security like never before. Head to the Google Play store to download the EastWest Pay app.

Don’t have an EastWest Visa credit card yet? Apply now via EastWest’s ESTA chatbot.

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