The First 365: The Vogue Philippines’ Anniversary Gala

Manila’s fashion elite, celebrities, and artists converged to celebrate Vogue Philippines’ first 365 days. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s October 2023 Issue.

This joyous occasion marked a significant milestone–Vogue Philippines’ very first year. 

A spectacular celebration, Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala encapsulates the very essence of the magazine’s year-long journey. 

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Aga and Charlene Muhlach together with their twins, Atasha and Andres.
Aga, Charlene, Atasha, and Andres Muhlach/Photo by Paui Guevarra

Refresh and Rewear: Inspiring Mindful Choices

The spotlight shined brightly on the fashion and art exposition titled Common  reads: Re/Creating Fashion. 

It was a vivid tapestry that weaved together the threads of Vogue Philippines’ transformative voyage over the last year. 

As you walk through the enchanting display, you can almost feel the pulse of creativity and innovation that has defined the magazine’s first year. 

Celebrities, fashion influencers, artists, and industry luminaries came together to commemorate a monumental first year for Vogue Philippines. 

Patxi and Sofia Elizalde with son Patxi Elizalde Jr.
Patxi Elizalde, Sofia Elizalde, and Patxi Elizalde Jr/Photo by Paui Guevarra

Through the pages of the magazine and the festivities of this gala, the evolution of the Filipino fashion identity was artfully chronicled. 

It wasn’t just about looking good; it was about embracing a future that values eco-consciousness. 

Ivar Aseron, Jo Ann Bitagcol, and Lulu Tan-Gan, smiling at the camera.
Ivar Aseron, Jo Ann Bitagcol, and Lulu Tan-Gan/Photo by Paui Guevarra

In line with the refresh and rewear theme, guests like Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez arrived in their mindful ensembles. 

When asked what she was wearing, Curtis shared with Lifestyle Asia, “It’s an old Yves Saint Laurent suit of mine. I’ve had it in my closet for ages.” 

In reference to her daughter, Curtis adds, “It’s something I know that eventually Dahlia will own.” 

Without much time on his hands, Gutierrez revealed, “It’s Dior Homme, my go-to set. I didn’t have time to prepare and plan, unlike Sarah, so I kind of just went with my go-to.”

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Banner photo by Paui Guevarra. 

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