Are We Ready To Host Huge Celebrations Already? - The Scene

While the idea of meeting friends can be too tempting, we ask you to hold that thought and reconsider.

Connection-deprived for the past several months, we’ve long missed our best mates and social circles. While the sounds of clinking glasses and restless chatter seems like but a distant memory, the risk of getting infected by the pandemic is still present. Hence, all the more to be cautious. And while social distancing measures and hygienic practices may lessen that risk, several factors need to be examined before you even think of going.

Confinement may be depressing for many, but the infection is deadly for all.

Evaluate your trust in the social scene

Make a list of the invitees and ask yourself whether you can trust each person to be doing the right thing throughout the COVID situation. Chances are, some of these people have been going out and meeting others—people you do not know and may or may not be practicing the right protocols. Imagine attending the event. How long do you think will the masks be on your faces? After a few open champagne bottles, will the alcohol have made people braver to be more affectionate? 

Creating A Circle of Certainty

If the #fomo has proven to be too much for your sanity, create a small group of 3 to 4, at most, that you can trust to only go to parties hosted and limited to the same set of people. Doing so minimizes outsider contact and assures you of a maintained environment. Do not grow the group and keep practicing the required protocols to avoid possible infection. But if we’re being honest, we’d rather you reconnect through other means and just stay at home.

“Wasn’t he just with that girl who got infected last week?”

The struggles of our healthcare system

By now, you may have read the ongoing predicament of our healthcare system. Many of our go-to hospitals have reached maximum bed capacity and cannot accommodate more cases. The limited venues for infection management, coupled with the overworked and exhausted medical workers in the country, should somehow make you feel more cautious. If the healthcare system gets overwhelmed, going overseas for treatment will only make it more difficult given the travel protocols imposed by many countries including ours.

Really, Just Don’t

There is nothing much to say here, in case things go awry. Prevention is always better than having to look for a cure. Again, wear the appropriate masks and face shields, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose, and sanitize frequently. We cannot stress it enough, please, stay at home. The prospects of having a great time partying online via Zoom may not be as appealing, but being able to sleep without fear and anxiety will do you (and your skin) good.

You got doctor friends? Listen to them.

Every day is a new day for science

With the World Health Organization drawing flak for decisions that many experts have questioned, all countries have been doing their best to adapt to the current situation. Independent research backed up by journal studies and intensive discussions have given new evidence of possible aerosol transmission, several months after the first reported infection. With much more to be learned, we can’t be too sure. Some of our activities may have been contributing to the spread. It is best to avoid as much contact as possible.

Do Your Homework

Throw away the toxic positivity and discover avenues for learning. Subscribe to accounts that offer news about the situation and update yourself on vaccine clinical trials. Read reports of the cases and gauge whether the situation is improving or getting worse. The more we know, the better decisions we make. So please, bear with the needed protocols and do the right thing: when not needed, stay at home.

Be informed. Be prepared.

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