Arthaland Leans into a New Level of Opulence with Eluria

Green developer Arthaland envisions a contemporary tree house that embraces principles of elegance, legacy, and sustainability

Big pleasures are wrought from the smallest of details: A kind gesture, warm sunlight streaming through the window, treasured heirlooms handed down from your great grandmother, lovingly displayed on your dressing table. “One thing we want to underline is that wealth is not limited to material assets,” shared Pamela Go, project marketing unit head of Arthaland. “It’s actually, for us, more about the intangibles. At Arthaland, we see wealth [as embodying] spiritual advancement and a purposeful life, embracing comfort, health, and happiness.” 

Arthaland’s latest residential project, Eluria, situated along Rada Street in Legazpi Village, Makati, is a remarkable collaboration with ARCH Capital. The name “Eluria” is derived from the fusion of the words “elan,” “flourish,” and “allure,” encapsulating the essence of the development. Go emphasized that Eluria challenges traditional notions of luxury living, as it combines elegance, legacy, and sustainability. 

On July 27, Arthaland and Miladay hosted an exclusive, invitation-only event at Arthaland Century Pacific Tower in Bonifacio Global City, adding to the Eluria Signature Experiences series. This series of immersive events is designed to offer Arthaland’s discerning clientele a glimpse into the privileged lifestyle that Eluria provides its homeowners. 

Eluria collection by Miladay

Heritage brand Miladay shares Eluria’s visionary approach to sustainable legacies

With just 37 limited-edition residences, owning a unit at Eluria is akin to possessing a cherished piece of art or jewelry, evoking a sense of exclusivity and prestige. To heighten the allure of this opportunity, Arthaland’s co-host for the evening, Miladay, unveiled their exquisite Eluria collection of jewelry, adorned with brilliant cut diamonds and colored gemstones. 

During the event, Go shared, “We were really inspired by the story of family legacy and heritage. Miladay started with Mila Dayrit, and now it’s the third generation of the Dayrit family who is taking over the company.” 

Elaborating on the event’s conceptualization, she detailed, “I think overall, how we conceptualized this Signature Experience event, we want to highlight rarity. We have the Eluria collection by Miladay, and at the same time, Eluria is offering just 37 units.”

Samantha Dayrit, sales and marketing head of Miladay, added, “Part of the value of jewelry is that it can be passed down through generations.” Notably, Miladay, a heritage brand, has been an esteemed presence in the jewelry industry for an impressive 57 years.

All-encompassing experience

Guests were presented with the opportunity to admire the Eluria collection by Miladay
Owning an Eluria unit is akin to possessing a piece of jewelry, evoking exclusivity and prestige

Right off the bat, Eluria seems less about luxury and more about the intangible element, one that’s all about how it makes you feel. In fact, the moment the homeowner arrives in the main lobby, they are greeted by the Hospitality Director and are escorted to their own private lift lobby that leads to their unit. “Our Hospitality Directors provide an exclusive service,” said Mara Fortuna, Arthaland’s project marketing associate manager for content, referring to the personalized approach to service at Eluria. “Should homeowners need anything related to their unit, [our Hospital Directors] are ready to assist.”  

The personalized white-glove service by the internationally trained Hospitality Directors will provide residents with comfort and convenience

In pursuit of perfecting the white-glove service, Eluria’s hospitality staff will undergo an intensive 10-week training program at The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands, renowned as the world’s finest and most innovative butler service training institution.

The range of services offered at Eluria is truly comprehensive, including complimentary chauffeur shuttle service to select nearby destinations, expert coordination of dining, hotel, and venue arrangements, and meticulous oversight of ingress and egress for events held at the Function Room, among other exclusive offerings.

Arthaland, in collaboration with the esteemed heritage brand Miladay, underscored the significance of rarity during the Eluria Signature Experience event

Fortuna elaborated, saying, “Say, a resident has an event, or they have guests coming over, our Hospitality Director can oversee on their behalf,” ensuring every resident’s needs and desires are catered to.

Sustainability as legacy

Arthaland aims to create living spaces that will endure for generations to come

Eluria does not just play the right cards with thoughtfulness and intent, it also makes a profound commitment to sustainability, aiming to create living spaces that will endure for generations to come. According to Go, the focus extends beyond design and floor plans; sustainability is a comprehensive package that encompasses energy and water conservation. Every unit at Eluria boasts stunning sustainability features, including double-glazed Low-E glass to harness natural daylight and reflect heat, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and energy-efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow for air conditioning and lighting systems, among others. 

Go further expressed, “Legacy stems from the concept of sustainability, really. Sustainability is preserving what you have now so you can pass it onto the next generation.” Intriguingly, many buyers are investing in Eluria not just for themselves, but also with the next generation in mind. They purchase units as a gift for their children, ensuring a lasting legacy for their families. 

Filipino jewelry brand Miladay shares this vision of legacy and sustainability. Rooted in heritage, the brand began with Mila Dayrit’s entrepreneurial spirit and now thrives in the hands of her eight grandchildren. As Dayrit stated, “When you pass down a piece of jewelry, you’re also passing down its story while creating your own. It’s a gift of love that will withstand the test of time.”

Arthaland is the foremost green developer in the Philippines. Read more about Eluria on their website. For the latest updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Miladay has been creating beautiful investments for every Filipino since 1966. Visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram, for more information.

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