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Wake up your space with these bold vibrant palettes and intricate prints.

17 Hacienda Mar’s distinct colors and relaxing vibe are a feast for the eyes and an inspiration for creativity at home. The vibrant palettes, bold and intricate prints make your home alive.

The engaging tale behind this gorgeous online store begins with its origin. The brand is the result of a collaboration of two best friends who coincidentally both lived on streets numbered 17. Seeing this coincidence as fate, they combined their surnames and added “Mar” with the word hacienda which means “home” or “dwelling” in Spanish, giving birth to 17 Hacienda Mar.

Half of this duo, Vicky Marchadesch, explains, “My last name is MARchadesch and my business partner’s name is Cory MARquez, one of my highschool bffs, hence, adding MAR to our brand name represents us both.”

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17 Hacienda Mar’s owners hope that their store will become a familiar dwelling to those looking for their own signature look and style–a hacienda, so to speak–for creating lifelong memories with loved ones and evoking warm familiar emotions with the decor they choose for their homes. The website is relatively new and was just launched on the 17th of May 2022.

The inspiration to start this business was the obvious path from Vicky’s days as a merchandiser and buyer. “I’ve been a buyer/merchandiser and category head in the e-commerce industry for nine years, so having my own website is, really, a natural progression.” Her expertise and know-how in buying and merchandising seriously shines through as one explores this charming website.

As one goes through page after page of carefully curated merchandise, Marchadesch’s declaration of 17 Hacienda Mar’s brand promise comes to light, “17 Hacienda Mar is for individuality and shopping small. It’s for supporting the small guys who took the risk and decided to do their own thing while living their dream.”

As one scrolls through the store, bright and cheerful colors catch the eye. Marchadesch provides the reason behind the theme of these pieces, “I look out for items that catch my eye during exotic travels. I’ve also sourced suppliers to tap during my travels. We have pieces from India, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey and of course, the Philippines.”

With so many gorgeous items available, finding favorites must be a challenge. Not so, as Marchadesch can tick off a number of items on her favorites, must-see list. 

Intricate levels of art

The Sethi bed cover sets bring light and cheer to the boudoir with delicate prints in vibrant colors while the Fundari throw pillow covers are also one of Marchadesch’s  picks. “Our hand block print bed linen and throw pillow covers celebrate an age-old textile craft that is part of India’s rich artisanal heritage. The entire process requires three levels of art: drawing, carving, and printing. First an artist designs and draws the motifs, then artisans carve these intricate designs into wooden blocks by hand, and then finally, the artisans stamp the repeating colors and patterns onto the fabric–layer by layer, color by color,” she outlines the process, obviously proud of the intricate undertaking each piece goes through before it makes its way to someone’s home.

On her other favorite collections, “The Sunset Palm Home items are all tropical living must-haves!” With orange hues that give off an unmistakable tropical vibe to the home, even in an urban setting. “We are so proud of our hand painted home icons in our very own exclusive designs:  The Indienne Floral and The Sunset Palm.  You won’t see the same items in these designs elsewhere.  I designed the whole collection and had each one painted by our local artisans from trinket trays, serving trays, breakfast bed trays, foldable tray tables, umbrella stands, cake stands and pagoda candle holders. These are all only available on our website, nowhere else.”

For breaking bread

The dining area and the table is where friends and family come together to share meals. Placemats and coaster sets–with art and design by Studio Mia, give color and life to both everyday meals and small or large get-togethers with friends. These fabric printed placemats and coasters are the latest items on 17 Hacienda Mar. 

For a very special dining experience, 17HM Kalana Tablecloths that come with a napkin set of 6 are highly recommended. Part of the store’s Indian Handblock party collection, they share in the same elaborate process of design creation as the Sethi bed cover sets.

Marchadesch highlights each of these noteworthy items per room with the pride of someone who knows both her merchandise and the market who will appreciate them most.

17 Hacienda Mar is a website from which to pick up a few pieces that will turn a house into a colorful and warm home. “17 Hacienda Mar is a lifestyle brand that invites you to be inspired by the everyday, to explore how colors and patterns can inspire magic and to celebrate, create, and connect with the beauty that surrounds you,” Vicky Marchadesch concludes. 

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Photos by Kieran Punay of Studio 100.

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