Porsche Design Manila Enters Racing Scene with Brian Poe Llamanzares

Porsche Design’s 50th year anniversary just got more radical

Giving an ode to five decades of Porsche Design, the Manila studio joins the commemorative anniversary with a special event at Okada Manila last July 20, 2022. Guests were welcomed with a display of reinvented 911s, the model that was debuted by founder Butzi Porsche in 1972. 

A custom Porsche 911 on display at Okada Manila

But what took the stage was the announcement of Porsche Design Manila’s CEO, Hans Yao. He declared the partnership between the design studio and racer Brian Poe-Llamanzares for the upcoming Radical Cars SR1 Cup beginning August 2022. 

Brian Poe-Llamanzares meets Porsche Design Manila CEO Hans Tao on this milestone event

The annual cup brings circuit driving to the next level with prototype-style sportscars famous for their excellent safety records. Originally from the UK, the cup is dubbed as one of the fastest and most exciting club racing tournaments. It is run by Radical Motorsports, prominent as the most successful manufacturer of racing and track cars in the world.

Politician, entrepreneur, and among the youngest sought-after racers in the country, Poe-Llanzamares, buckles up as a rookie alongside the country’s fastest racers. “It is an honor and a privilege to have been given this opportunity thanks to my sponsor and team. I wouldn’t have been able to race without their help,” he shared.

Poe-Llamanzares jump-started his career when he worked with Radical Cars early in 2022. 

“The products that Porsche Design puts together have always been cutting edge,” said Poe-Llamanzares as he proudly takes part in its history. He celebrates the brand’s relentless innovation since its founding. The studio has been continuously developing products for lifestyle and performance such as clothing, accessories, technology, and automotive design dedicated to different customers around the world. 

Porsche Design Manila also has their 50Y limited collection of lifestyle items and apparel on display and available for purchase

The Manila studio stands strong for twelve years and continues to partake in the growth of Porsche Design. Truly timeless in its nature, the 50th year looks at its heritage and future. It celebrates the classic Porsche Designs and the future of the brand as it enters the racing scene in the Philippines.

The Radical SR1 Cup Philippines is scheduled to take place at Clark International Speedway on August 26-28, October 21-23, 2022 and at Batangas Racing Circuit on September 23-25, 2022 as well.

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