A Fervent Spirit: Daniel Lhuillier Miranda On What It Takes To Live With Conviction

Daniel Lhuillier Miranda shows no signs of slowing down in pursuing his racing dreams and in committing as a loving partner and father.

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With an abundance of places to visit and experiences to have, it is easy to feel enthused and chase after life’s numerous adventures. Daniel Miranda is one to tread a thrilling path through his promising career in kart racing. “Growing up, I’ve been very active. I like the adrenaline. I like the rush,” he says. He recounts the story of his father Martin Miranda, who is also a karter, motocross rider, and drag-racer, teaching him and his brother the basics of racing. “I was not scared of the speed,” recalls Miranda, who was then 12. Although his father was initially hesitant, he eventually supported his son’s newfound passion.

From pursuing a career in kart racing, Miranda found himself swept in new roles he is proud to take: a loving partner to Sofia Andres and a father to their daughter Zoe. He values his family above all, moving through life with an ardent spirit.

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Chasing victory

Born and raised in Cebu, Miranda started racing in the local Kart Zone. After two years of thinking of it more as a hobby, he realized he wanted to be more competitive. “I used to fly to Manila every weekend, just to race [and to] practice,” he shares. He would take on more seasoned racecar drivers, nearly all older than him. “I wasn’t intimidated in any way,” he says. “But it forced me to be better as a racecar driver and to improve quicker so [I can] win.”

Practicing entails keeping physically fit, sticking to a strict diet, and being always under the intense heat of the sun. Miranda reveals it can be mentally draining as well, having to exert and keep his mind dedicated to his goal to win. The hard work, however, pays off when he triumphs on the racetrack. He was crowned Philippine Karter of the Year in 2013, the Vios Cup Overall Champion in 2017, and the TCR Asian Drivers’ Champion in 2019. Apart from these, he has other international races in Macau, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Beyond his hard work, fearlessness, and commitment, the support of Miranda’s family contributes to his victories. “[Even when I] don’t get the result [I get] sad but that just keeps me going. My family is there supporting me.” He draws strength from their encouragement, especially from his parents who attends his races growing up. Even when he experienced tough times like in his first international race in Macau in 2012, Miranda pulled through. “In racing, you can’t always win them all but when you have the passion and you know how to work hard, you get better… There is always going to be something to improve in your race craft so you continue to progress for the next races to come.” His greatest dream is to join and hopefully, win at Formula One, the highest class in international auto racing.

Daniel with his daughter Zoe.
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Road to fatherhood

While Miranda worked on his passions and dreams, another wonderful thing happened to him—he became a father. While their families help them out in navigating parenthood, Miranda admits it is a drastic change. “I had to go through a lot of things that I am not used to. I had to learn a lot of things.” The couple underwent a 12-day course for infant care back in Australia where their daughter was born. Looking out for her is tough but they strive to give her the best and guide her to become a respectful, honest, and family-oriented person.

“What I love most about being a father is going home,” Miranda shares. “It [places] such a big smile on my face when, as soon as I enter the door, [Zoe is] there calling me. She’s there looking for me.” The couple goes hand in hand in caring for their daughter albeit they have different parenting styles. Whereas Miranda is a little more relaxed, Andres is “more particular,” and “really researches and does everything and what [Zoe] will eat during the week,” he explains.

Navigating fatherhood is no easy task, that’s why Miranda feels that he has matured so much more in such a short time span. Before Zoe, he only had his studies and racing career to focus on. Now, he steers his attention, time, and energy to his own family. “It’s a good change,” he emphasizes. “I feel that parenting is making a better person overall.” When asked how he would want his daughter to see him, he names two characteristics: hardworking and passionate. “I believe when you work hard for what you want then nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up. And I want Zoe to know that.”

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“What keeps me happy [are] the small things—family [and] friends.”

Winding down at home

Miranda is currently taking Business Administration at a university in Australia. While the pandemic is ongoing and studies are put on hold, he is devoting time to his family. Days spent at home are filled with bonding moments and keeping himself in shape. He is staying as active as much as he can and plays tennis, basketball, and golf.

He and Andres launched a vlog on their YouTube channel as well after seeing their friends do so. The vlog premiered last July where they talked about the frequently asked questions about their lives. “That’s what we’re looking forward now for the next weeks and months to come is to continue to update and to continue to create more content with our family,” he shares. Hopefully, in the future, they can include their daughter in their videos.

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Balancing the different aspects of his life is something Daniel faces head-on. Be it in his studies, his racing dreams, and caring for his loved ones, he is not one to slow down. He moves through the road of life with intent, carrying a burning passion to succeed while never forgetting to do it with a sincere heart. “What keeps me happy [are] the small things—family [and] friends,” he says with confidence, knowing a meaningful life is not about possessing everything he wants. What matters is not treating life as a race but it is all about going through it with his family at his side.

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