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“What I love most about being a father is going home…”

Dads today come in all shapes and sizes, and what unites them isn’t rooted in biology but conviction. As former US President Barack Obama once put it, “any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.”

Leading up to this weekend’s celebrations, we wanted to put the spotlight on different dads in society who we think are dashing way beyond their good looks and affable personalities. As with the legions of fathers out there who quietly make a difference everyday, there are much to admire with these men.

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Antonio Ressano  

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Photos from Rocio Obles-Ressano’s Instagram page

Ressano became a father to Fonsi and Fede when his wife, Rocio, successfully underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF). Last February, Rocio shares with Modern Parenting that she and Ressano took two years contemplating turning to IVF when they faced complications conceiving naturally. When they ultimately decided to push through, Rocio adds that Ressano’s encouragement, love, and support made her feel empowered during their long yet rewarding journey to become parents.

Juan Manuel Elizalde

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Photos from Bianca Elizalde’s Instagram Page

The executive director of Manila Broadcasting Company has a prominent role in the local broadcasting media industry, yet, he makes sure to prioritize Isabeli, Alessi, Siena, and Semira, his four daughters. In an Instagram post by his wife, Bianca, she reveals that Elizalde once thought he didn’t want to be a father. But, as they started their life together, he grew to become “one of the best of them all.”

Jesse Maxwell

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Photos from Jessica Kienle-Maxwell”s Instagram page

The chief operating officer of Magsaysay Transport and Logistics is the father of Luca and Layla Gabriel. In an Instagram post from Father’s Day 2019, Maxwell’s wife, Jessica, wrote that she’s thankful for all the hard-working dads in her life, including Maxwell, of course. “Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We are so lucky to have you by our side! Happy Father’s Day to all Superdads out there! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We are so lucky to have you by our side! “

Daniel Lhuillier Miranda

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Photos from Daniel Miranda’s Instagram page

Miranda is Zoe’s father, his daughter with actress Sofia Andres. While the Cebu native spends time cultivating his passion for race car driving, he remains family-oriented.

In our April e-mag cover story, the young dad tells Lifestyle Asia his favorite part of fatherhood, “what I love most about being a father is going home,” Miranda shares. “It [places] such a big smile on my face when, as soon as I enter the door, [Zoe is] there calling me. She’s there looking for me.”

Marco Rodriguez 

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Photos from Marco Rodriguez’s Instagram Page

Rodriguez is the chef and owner of gourmet home-cooked comfort food brand, Xáncho. While he’s passionate about cooking, he also prioritizes his health and fitness with his wife, fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo. As a father to Alejandro Adrian and Alessia Martina, who are eight and five years old, respectively, it’s essential to stay fit to keep up with two young kids that are usually full of energy.

Kevin Tan

No description available.
Photos from Kevin Tan’s Intagram Page

Despite his demanding role as the CEO of Alliance Global Inc.—The parent company of Megaworld, Emperador, Resortsworld Manila, Mcdonald’s Philippines, and Infracorp—Tan is a hands-on and present father. Before the pandemic, the dad of Kathleena and Drew would fondly post photos with his kids at their school events, like sports days and recitals. 

These days, Tan spends time with his kids and wife, Michelle, by going on bike rides, celebrating milestones at home, and enjoying meals together.

Christian Gonzalez

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Photos from Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez’s Instagram page

Gonzalez is the vice president of International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI). While he’s been with ICTSI for 24 years, he makes the most of his out-of-office days, taking his daughters, Bucci and Elle, on nature trips with his wife, Stephanie. Before the pandemic, the family goes on frequent trips to Africa to discover animal wildlife. Locally, they enjoy relaxing beaches such as Palawan.

Banner photo from Instagram.

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